MX vs ATV Legends for PlayStation 4

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• 2 player split-screen and 16-player online racing
• New Trails mode for high-intensity outdoor challenges
• Dynamic career mode with choices affecting progression
• Strategic sponsorships and special events
• Advanced physics for realistic terrain navigation


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About MX vs ATV Legends

MX vs ATV Legends is the thrilling latest installment in the acclaimed MX vs ATV offroad racing series. As players dive into this high-octane world, they can realize their dreams of becoming a celebrated professional offroad rider. The path to stardom is paved with the cheers of fans and the lucrative opportunities from sponsors, all waiting to be seized in the game’s immersive career and online modes.

Key Features

  • Race with Friends and Rivals: Tear up the track in 2 player split-screen or dominate in 16-player online mode with team-based gameplay.
  • Intense Trails Mode: Discover the brand new Trails mode, where high-intensity outdoor racing and unexpected turns challenge your driving style in novel ways.
  • Dynamic Career Mode: Make strategic choices that lead to different career paths, unlock sponsorship deals, and gain access to special invitational events.
  • Advanced Physics System: Benefit from a refined physics system for heightened precision, crucial for navigating challenging terrains such as berms and ruts.

Experience the Excitement

Join the ranks of elite riders as you compete in various high-stakes races. Whether battling side-by-side with a friend on your couch or vying for supremacy online, MX vs ATV Legends offers a multitude of adrenaline-pumping experiences. Conquer uncharted trails, choose your professional pathway, and feel every bump and turn with a physics system designed to bring the most realistic and testing racing conditions to life.

Specification: MX vs ATV Legends for PlayStation 4


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MX vs ATV Legends for PlayStation 4
MX vs ATV Legends for PlayStation 4

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