Mutazione – iam8bit Exclusive – PlayStation 4

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• Region Free – Worldwide Compatibility
• A lush, hand-illustrated world to explore
• Ensemble cast of loveable mutant characters
• A story with unpredictable dramatic twists and turns
• Gardens to customize for unique relaxing generative musical soundscapes
• Available for PlayStation 4


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An Adventure Like No Other

Mutazione, produced by Akupara Games in collaboration with iam8bit, is an extraordinary Sony PS4 titular that marries a juicy personal drama with riveting adventure. Immerse yourself in the life of 15-year-old Kai, who embarks on a heartfelt journey to the mysterious and secluded village of Mutazione to care for her ill grandfather, Nonno.

A Mysterious Town Called Mutazione

This title holds an Italian name, Mutazione (pronounced: mu-ta-zi-O-neh), which means “Mutation” — a glimpse into the game’s core essence. The development team at Die Gute Fabrik boldly challenges the norms of gaming narratives. They weave a transformative story that transitions from the simple task of a granddaughter aiding her grandfather to an extraordinary wave of events that are both enchanting and profound.

Uncover Hidden Gossips and Secrets

Mutazione isn’t your average community; it’s a melting pot of quirky, eccentric characters whose lifeblood is the scandalous rumors and treacherous secrets they harbor. From surreal elements such as magical musical gardens and vivid dream sequences, this game exudes a David Lynch-esque vibe that truly sets it apart.

Exclusive Edition by iam8bit & Akupara Games

iam8bit is thrilled to announce their partnership with Akupara Games, presenting an exclusive edition of this critically-acclaimed narrative masterpiece. It’s a journey packed with emotion and surprises where players will forge friendships, cultivate musical gardens, enjoy community events like BBQs and boat trips, and undertake a critical spiritual mission to dispel the looming shadows that threaten to consume the town.

The Cataclysmic Origin of Mutazione

The history of Mutazione dates back over a century when the meteor “Moon Dragon” devastated a once-lively tropical resort. The tragic event erased a vast number of lives, but the survivors began to exhibit peculiar mutations. They withstood the impact of a cataclysmic meteor, but the test of time presents a different challenge: will they prevail over their intimate, small-town conflicts?

Why Players Love Mutazione:

  • Worldwide Compatibility: Region-Free for global enjoyment.
  • Fascinating World: An immersive, hand-illustrated universe to discover.
  • Diverse Cast: A captivating ensemble of lovable mutant characters.
  • Complex Narrative: A story woven with unexpected twists and deep emotions.
  • Personalized Gardens: Create your musical gardens for a unique, tranquil audio experience.

Specification: Mutazione – iam8bit Exclusive – PlayStation 4

Package Dimensions

6.73 x 5.35 x 0.63 inches; 2.82 ounces

Type of item

Video Game



Item Weight

2.82 ounces



Date First Available

December 15, 2021


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Mutazione – iam8bit Exclusive – PlayStation 4
Mutazione – iam8bit Exclusive – PlayStation 4

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