Minecraft Legends – Deluxe Edition (PS5)

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Original price was: $52.35.Current price is: $46.00.

• Epic narrative set in the Minecraft universe
• Build alliances with new and known mobs
• Lead strategic battles against piglin forces
• Explore a dynamic, resource-rich world
• Unique experiences with each playthrough
• Multiplayer: defend or assault villages
• Deluxe Edition includes 6 bonus skins
• Customize with hero and mount skins

Original price was: $52.35.Current price is: $46.00.

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Unite the Overworld Against the Nether Corruption

As the piglins’ Nether corruption spreads across the Overworld, it’s scorching everything in its path. It’s up to you, the hero of this tale, to step up and protect the land. Develop your strategies and engage in epic battles against the relentless piglins. However, proceed with caution as these adversaries are known to fight back fiercely. By day you’ll challenge piglin bases, and when night falls, it’s your duty to defend your allies.

Lush Biomes and Epic Adventures

Get ready for an adventure in a richly detailed world. As you explore, you’ll uncover:

  • Various lush biomes brimming with both treasures and dangers.
  • Opportunities to meet new friends and reunite with familiar mobs from the Minecraft universe.
  • The support of the allays, loyal companions ready to join you in your quest to save the world.

The Deluxe Edition Advantage

The Deluxe Edition raises the stakes, not just with its gameplay but also with visual flair. It includes six additional in-game skins:

  • One special hero skin to set you apart from the crowd.
  • Four exclusive mount skins and the promise of an additional mount skin when it becomes available.

These premium skins ensure you enter the battlefield not only prepared but also in style – making you the best-dressed hero even in the midst of peril.

Features at a Glance

The Deluxe Edition is more than a game; it’s a treasure trove of features, including:

  • An entirely new narrative experience set in the Minecraft universe.
  • Form alliances with a host of characters and mobs, and lead them into battle to defend the Overworld.
  • A vibrant, procedurally-generated world filled with resources, ensuring a unique experience each time.
  • Engage in multiplayer mayhem, where you can either challenge friends or join forces in epic wars to protect your territory and take down your enemies’ bases.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the incredible world of Minecraft Legends, and remember, it’s not just about fighting. It’s about dressing the part too with the exclusive Deluxe Skin Pack!


Specification: Minecraft Legends – Deluxe Edition (PS5)


Brand: Mojang

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Minecraft Legends – Deluxe Edition (PS5)
Minecraft Legends – Deluxe Edition (PS5)

Original price was: $52.35.Current price is: $46.00.
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