Minecraft Legends – Deluxe Edition PlayStation 5

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• Epic narrative within the Minecraft universe
• Build alliances with new and known mobs
• Lead armies in strategic battles against piglins
• Explore a dynamic, resource-rich world
• Unique experiences with each playthrough
• Multiplayer: Defend and attack in team battles
• Deluxe Edition: 6 extra skins (1 hero, 4 mounts, +1 future mount skin)


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Welcome to an epic new chapter in the expansive universe of Minecraft. As the Overworld faces an unprecedented threat, it calls upon a hero to rise and protect its verdant lands from the relentless assault of the piglins. Will you be the savior that defends these realms from the advancing Nether corruption?

Your Legendary Quest Awaits

The Peril of the Piglins: Prepare for a showdown with the piglins, who bring chaos and destruction to the Overworld. Devise your tactics and engage in monumental battles – remember, piglins never retreat without a fight.

Defend The Overworld: By day, take the offensive and challenge piglin strongholds. By night, stand firm and protect your companions as the darkness brings new dangers.

A Rich, Explorable Realm: Embark on a journey across varied biomes, each filled with its own mysteries, riches, and hazards. Discover new locations, gather resources, and encounter some of the Minecraft world’s most beloved creatures.

The Allays at Your Side: Forge alliances with the allays – your key companions in the quest to save the Overworld from imminent ruin.

Raise Your Banner with the Deluxe Edition

  • Deluxe Skin Pack: Take pride in your appearance as you equip your hero and mounts with 6 exquisite skins included in the Deluxe Edition. Command attention with one hero skin, four mount skins, and anticipate an additional mount skin upon its release.
  • Dress For Success: While the Deluxe skins won’t grant you tactical superiority, they’re sure to imbue you with a sense of style and confidence that can be just as valuable in the theater of war!

Gameplay Highlights

  • Engage in the mythos of Minecraft like never before, with a new, immersive storyline set in the familiar Overworld.
  • Forge new friendships and reconnect with iconic mobs in your effort to thwart the piglin menace.
  • Experience a dynamic, resource-abundant world that changes with every game, ensuring a unique adventure each time you play.
  • Face off against friends or ally with them in high-stakes battles to protect your village and demolish enemy settlements.
  • Includes the complete Minecraft Legends base game and the Deluxe Skin pack with bonus in-game skins to elevate your experience.

The Deluxe Edition of Minecraft Legends for PlayStation 5 is not just another installment—it’s an invitation to become part of a legend. It’s a chance to adorn your in-game character with distinguished skins and to lead your forces with unrivaled bravery.

Ready to become a part of Minecraft history? Equip yourself with the Deluxe Edition and step into a world where your heroics will write the future of the Overworld.

Specification: Minecraft Legends – Deluxe Edition PlayStation 5

Release date

April 18, 2023

Product Dimensions

0.79 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches; 2.89 ounces

Type of item

Video Game




Everyone 10plus

Item Weight

2.89 ounces


Xbox Game Studios

Date First Available

January 25, 2023


Brand: Microsoft

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Minecraft Legends – Deluxe Edition PlayStation 5
Minecraft Legends – Deluxe Edition PlayStation 5


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