Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor – PlayStation 3

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• Play as Talion, a Ranger with a vengeful spirit, in a new story set before The Lord of the Rings
• Master deadly combos and advanced combat skills to defeat Sauron’s forces
• Exploit enemy fears, weaknesses, and memories to manipulate Mordor’s armies
• Uncover the origins of the Rings of Power and prepare for the ultimate battle against darkness
• Shape Middle-earth’s legends and rise as a feared warrior in the expansive world of Mordor


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Unleash the Power of the Ranger

In Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, step into the boots of Talion, a determined Ranger with a tragic past. The once peaceful land of Mordor has suffered a catastrophic betrayal, stripping Talion of everything he holds dear. But death is not the end; a potent spirit of retribution brings you back from the void, binding you to an ancient cause that transcends mortality.

A Journey Through Darkness

Embark on an odyssey of revenge, wading through the shadows to dismantle the ranks of Sauron’s army. As you explore the origins of the mystical Rings of Power, your path leads to discoveries that will shape the legends of Middle-earth while preparing you for the ultimate confrontation against darkness.

Master Combat and Strategy

  • Deadly Combos: Channel the spirit within to execute fierce combinations and defeat your foes with ruthless precision.
  • Advanced Skills: As you progress, your arsenal grows with formidable new skills and weaponry, granting you the edge in battle.

Manipulate the Minds of Your Enemies

With every encounter, delve deep into the psyches of your adversaries. Use their individual fears, weaknesses, and memories to your advantage, creating chaos in the Sauron’s forces and turning the tides in your favor.

Rise as a Legend

Your actions will echo across the vast expanses of Mordor, cementing your status as a dreaded warrior. Experience a tale that unfolds in the shadows of the epic saga, leading up to the events that will be immortalized in The Lord of the Rings.

Specification: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor – PlayStation 3

Release date

November 18, 2014

Product Dimensions

0.56 x 5.26 x 6.62 inches; 3.2 ounces

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Video Game



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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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3.2 ounces


Warner Home Video – Games

Date First Available

November 12, 2013


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Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor – PlayStation 3
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor – PlayStation 3


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