Merge Games The Outbound Ghost Playstation 5

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• The Outbound Ghost Playstation 5 is a game by Merge Games.
• Embark on a journey to help ghosts correct their past lives and access the afterlife.
• Explore a 2.5D world filled with colorful and endearing paper characters.
• Unlock different aspects of your old personality and battle alongside ghosts in turn-by-turn battles.
• Gain materials in battle to create badges that enhance your stats and provide different effects.
• Immerse yourself in an original and memorable visual style.
• Available in English and on CD-ROM.
• Release date: November 28, 2022.


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In the enchanting realm of The Outbound Ghost, spirits are manifestations of lingering remorse. The game presents a unique concept where the deceased who have led unsatisfactory lives are doomed to roam the Earth as ghosts. They are trapped until they atone for their errors—a task that is exponentially more challenging than when they were alive.

As a player, you step into the shoes of a spectral being, tasked with guiding these tormented souls towards redemption or acceptance of their past deeds. This is the key for them to unlock the serenity of the afterlife. Your journey is doubly challenging as you grapple with your own forgotten misdeeds—a mystery you must unravel.

Features that Haunt and Delight

  • Colorful Characters: Engage with a cast of captivating ghosts, each with their unique backstory. Set in a vibrant 2.5D environment, the game is populated with charming paper characters that bring an original and memorable visual style to life.
  • Strategic Battle System: Rediscover fragments of your former self, such as regret, kindness, and jealousy. Harness these attributes and engage in strategic turn-based battles alongside them.
  • Innovative Badge System: Earn various materials through combat. Craft badges with these resources to equip different effects and enhance your stats, tailoring your gameplay experience.

The Outbound Ghost for PlayStation 5 is not just an adventure—it’s a journey of self-discovery and soul-searching set against a beautifully crafted backdrop that’s sure to resonate with players looking for depth and meaning in their gaming experiences.

Specification: Merge Games The Outbound Ghost Playstation 5

Release date

December 2, 2022

Product Dimensions

0.59 x 5.35 x 6.77 inches; 2.82 ounces

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2.82 ounces


Merge Games

Date First Available

November 28, 2022


Brand: Merge Games

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Merge Games The Outbound Ghost Playstation 5
Merge Games The Outbound Ghost Playstation 5

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