Maximum Games Bee Simulator -(PS4)

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• Experience the adventures of a little Bee by mimicking their behavior
• Find rare flower species in Honey Park and collect their precious nectar
• Fight off your enemies – the wasps and hornets
• Communicate with your fellow bees by dancing
• Fly all over the map in “Free flight” Mode
• New challenges can be found in mini games, side quests, and rewards for players to acquire knowledge points
• Play with friends or family in three game modes, including co-op and PvP on split screen


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Experience the Buzz

Step into the tiny, buzzing wings of a bee in Bee Simulator, a one-of-a-kind game that offers a glimpse into the life of nature’s diligent pollinators. Set in the lush expanses of Honey Park, a place reminiscent of Central Park, this game offers more than just a flight of fancy. Here’s what you can anticipate:

  • Participate in high-speed bee races
  • Embark on a journey to collect pollen from the rarest of flowers
  • Challenge the dangerous wasps that threaten your existence

A Day in the Life of a Bee

Your adventure begins at sunrise as the hive stirs to life. After receiving your instructions from the queen, you’ll set off on your crucial mission. But flying around and gathering nectar is just the beginning. You’ll find yourself entangled in a dire situation – humans are plotting to chop down the tree that houses your hive. The future of your entire swarm is now in your delicate wings.

Inside the Box

Unboxing Bee Simulator is straightforward – you get:

  • 1 Game Disc: The gateway to your new life as a bee.

Mimic, Collect, Defend

The game is much more than just buzzing around. It’s an opportunity to:

  • Mimic the complex behavior of bees
  • Search for and collect nectar from the most exotic flowers
  • Defend your hive from predatory wasps and hornets
  • Use the art of dance to communicate with fellow bees
  • Enjoy the scenery in “Free Flight” mode, without boundaries

Games Within the Game

Bee Simulator offers various mini-games, side quests, and rewards that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. As you explore and complete tasks, you also acquire knowledge points that can provide insights into your bee’s world.

Multiplayer Fun

Ready for some friendly competition or cooperation? Bee Simulator features three different game modes, including:

  • Cooperative play to team up with friends or family
  • Player vs. Player (PvP) duels on split-screen

So whether you’re flying solo or with others, the game can be a fun and educational experience for players of all ages.

Order Your Copy Today:

Bee Simulator is ready to take you on a memorable journey into the intricate world of bees. Secure your own piece of the action, learn about the environment, and save the hive!

Specification: Maximum Games Bee Simulator -(PS4)

Release date

November 14, 2019

Product Dimensions

5.31 x 0.59 x 6.77 inches; 2.82 ounces

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Video Game



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2.82 ounces


Maximum Games

Date First Available

November 15, 2019


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Maximum Games Bee Simulator -(PS4)
Maximum Games Bee Simulator -(PS4)

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