Maneater – PlayStation 5

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• Maneater for PlayStation 5 is a unique story-based action RPG where you play as a terrifying Shark.
• Narrated by Chris Parnell, the game takes place in a reality TV show backdrop.
• Engage in diverse and compelling combat against fierce wildlife and various types of human hunters.
• Feed on humans and wildlife to grow your Shark and evolve it down multiple paths.
• Explore 7 large regions, including bayous, resort beaches, industrial docks, and the open ocean.
• Experience a living world with a full day/night cycle.
• Fully optimized for PlayStation 5 with ray-tracing, native 4K HDR support, and immersive haptic feedback.


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Become the Maneater!
Embark on an exhilarating journey as the ocean’s most fearsome predator, the Shark. “Maneater” offers an engaging single-player experience with an expansive open-world action RPG setup, where your role as the Shark is to dominate the underwater realm. Starting your life as an insignificant Shark pup, you must navigate through a challenging environment, constantly feeding and fighting your way up the food chain.

Unique Storyline

With narration by the talented Chris Parnell (renowned for his work on Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, and Rick and Morty), “Maneater” presents a story-rich campaign set amidst the dramatization of a reality TV show. Engage in a narrative that’s as compelling as it is darkly humorous.

Compelling Combat System

Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter intense battles against a variety of enemies:

  • Other powerful marine predators
  • Human adversaries ranging from tipsy locals to the formidable Coast Guard

Evolve and Grow

Your goal is not just to survive but to evolve into an unstoppable force. Devour humans and wildlife alike to increase your strength. Discover unique resources that enable your Shark to evolve beyond natural limits, expanding your ability to adapt your predator to your preferred playstyle.

Explore a Diverse World

“Maneater” invites players to traverse seven extensive regions:

  • Action-packed Gulf Coast bayous
  • Glamorous resort beaches
  • Bustling industrial docks
  • The vastness of the open ocean

The game offers a robust day/night cycle that makes the world feel truly alive and teeming with challenge.

Enhanced for PlayStation 5

Fully Optimized for Modern Gaming: Maneater’s leap into the PlayStation 5 era includes:

  • Ray-tracing capabilities
  • Native 4K HDR support at 60 FPS
  • Haptic feedback from the Dual Sense controller

Plus, players who own the current-gen version of Maneater will receive a full upgrade, ensuring your game grows right alongside your console.

Get ready to Eat, Explore, and Evolve in “Maneater” for PlayStation 5. Unleash your inner Shark and take control of the seas!

Specification: Maneater – PlayStation 5


Brand: Deep Silver

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Maneater – PlayStation 5
Maneater – PlayStation 5

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