MADDEN NFL 24 Standard PS4 | VideoGame | English

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Original price was: $47.04.Current price is: $39.50.

• Squad up and throw down in Madden NFL 24’s fast co-op eliminator mode with Superstar X-Factor abilities always on
• Compete in Head-to-Head online and offline games (single and multiplayer) or single player offline against the CPU
• Take the NFL by storm at a skill position of your choice on the team of your dreams
• Simulate a full NFL career as a player, coach, or owner with single-player and multiplayer online-connected leagues
• Develop and progress your dream fantasy roster of current NFL stars and Hall of Fame legends faster with new seasons of content throughout the year
• Pre-order the Standard Edition and receive exclusive bonuses

Original price was: $47.04.Current price is: $39.50.

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Ultimate NFL Career Simulation

Dive into the all-encompassing world of professional American football with MADDEN NFL 24. Enjoy the opportunity to simulate a full NFL career in various roles. You can choose to be a player, a coach, or even the owner of a team. The game caters both to single-player experiences and to those seeking competitive multiplayer online-connected leagues. Strive for fame and success, and lead your team to become legendary.

Strategic Gameplay and Advancements

Act with the precision and foresight of an NFL coach with the game’s enhanced features that include:

  • Advance scouting
  • Comprehensive staff management
  • Weekly strategy tools

These features empower you to take your Franchise to unparalleled heights. Engage in contract negotiations that mirror real-life NFL deals, factoring in athlete motivations, team locations, and salary demands.

Build Your Ultimate Dream Team

Create the ultimate dream team with a roster that includes the finest selection of today’s NFL stars and illustrious Hall of Fame legends. MADDEN NFL 24 ensures you’re hooked throughout the year with:

  • New seasons of content
  • Field Pass challenges that offer exceptional rewards
  • Strategies to bolster your Madden Ultimate Team

You’ll always have goals to strive for and rewards to claim to construct the dominant team you’ve always imagined.

Exclusive Pre-Order Incentives

Get ahead of the game by pre-ordering the Standard Edition, and you’ll reap benefits such as:

  • Dual Entitlement for PlayStation & Xbox
  • A coveted Josh Allen Elite Player Item
  • Selection of 2 Strategy Items (1 Offense & 1 Defense) tailored to your tactics
  • Exclusive NFL Marble Bills Gear

Dynamic Game Modes for All Players

MADDEN NFL 24 brings a variety of gaming experiences to cater to all football aspirations:

  • Eliminator Mode: A fast-paced co-op mode where Superstar X-Factor abilities are constantly active.
  • Head-to-Head Challenges: Whether playing online or offline, compete in single and multiplayer games or even test your skills against the CPU.
  • Pick Your Position: Choose your favored skill position (e.g., QB, WR, RB) and play for your dream team.
  • Backyard-Style Football: Indulge in a 6v6 gameplay featuring fantastical locations across the globe, with a touch of tricked-out backyard fun.

Important Note on In-Game Purchases

Please be informed that MADDEN NFL 24 includes the option for in-game purchases of virtual currency, which can be utilized to obtain virtual in-game items, including a random assortment of virtual in-game assets.

Specification: MADDEN NFL 24 Standard PS4 | VideoGame | English


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MADDEN NFL 24 Standard PS4 | VideoGame | English
MADDEN NFL 24 Standard PS4 | VideoGame | English

Original price was: $47.04.Current price is: $39.50.
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