Limited Run Games Castlevania Requiem – Playstation 4 LRG #443

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• Limited Run Games Castlevania Requiem – Playstation 4 LRG #443
• Includes two classic Castlevania games: Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night
• Engage in an ancient battle between Good and Evil
• Play as legendary vampire hunters and defeat Count Dracula
• Experience immersive gameplay and captivating storyline
• Suitable for English-speaking players aged Teen
• Released by Limited Run Games on August 19, 2022
• Perfect addition to any PlayStation game collection


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Unleash the Secrets of Castlevania Rondo of Blood

In a time of peace and fortune, darkness delicately veiled the land, poised to disrupt the serenity. The shadows teemed with those who aimed to beckon malevolent forces, purifying the world through shadow. Among them, a being of formidable power returned after a century:

  • Able to transform into a bat, wolf, or mist,
  • A nocturnal predator thirsting for the blood of maidens,
  • The eternal Count Dracula awakened once more.

As the lord of Castlevania and the epitome of evil, his resurrection was a portent of dread for all humanity.

The Enigma of Castlevania Symphony of the Night

With Richter Belmont, the emblematic slayer of vampires, vanishing mysteriously under a full moon, the world was left confounded. Maria Renard embarked on a quest for answers, her fate guided by the enigmatic resurgence of Dracula’s castle.

  • The legendary castle reemerged from the mist, pointing Maria towards her lost ally,
  • While Alucard, the conflicted son of Dracula himself, faced his own turmoil.

Alucard, allied with Trevor Belmont against the undying Lord of Vampires, now faced his greatest ordeal. Desiring to dismantle his wicked lineage, he awoke from his slumber, determined to eradicate the malevolence swelling in his ancestral home.

History repeats as the battle between the forces of good and evil draws near, and the halls of Castlevania summon those brave enough to enter. The tale of Dracula’s castle is far from over, and it beckons to you.

Specification: Limited Run Games Castlevania Requiem – Playstation 4 LRG #443

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Personal Computers





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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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3.17 ounces


Limited Run Games

Date First Available

August 19, 2022


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Limited Run Games Castlevania Requiem – Playstation 4 LRG #443
Limited Run Games Castlevania Requiem – Playstation 4 LRG #443

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