Like a Dragon: Ishin! – PlayStation 5

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• Become Sakamoto Ryoma, a low-ranking samurai seeking vengeance and revolution
• Overpower enemies with four gun and sword combat styles
• Unleash legendary battle moves, including summoning a tiger and using pickled plums
• Experience a historical epic with a star-studded cast
• Find epic weapons of the era to defeat your foes


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Unsheath Your Weapon for Justice

Become the embodiment of a disgruntled samurai in the heat of Japan’s 1860s, an era of turmoil and upheaval. Take on the role of Sakamoto Ryoma, who is deeply disillusioned by the oppressive shogunate regime. Following his adoptive father’s murder by a revolutionary group, Ryoma finds himself on a path of vengeance, fueled by the desire to end the age of the samurai.

The Irony of Infiltration

The narrative takes a twist as Ryoma infiltrates the very core of what he seeks to destroy. By joining the renowned Shinsengumi, an enclave of elite samurai warriors, he aims to track down his father’s killer. As he gets entangled in the intricate web of shogunate politics, Ryoma’s personal mission becomes ever more complex.

Combat Styles to Conquer

Like a Dragon: Ishin! elevates samurai action by allowing you to masterfully control a combination of gun and sword. Be a force of true balance with the Wild Dancer style or specialize with the Swordsman and Gunman styles. For the truly fearless, the Brawler style challenges you to deliver justice with your bare hands. Every battle is an opportunity to unleash epic Heat Actions—special finishing moves that range from the devastatingly awesome to the absurdly hilarious.

  • Transform into a dual-wielding warrior with the Wild Dancer style
  • Channel your inner swordsman to slice through opposition with the Swordsman style
  • Become a sharpshooter with the Gunman style
  • Get up close and personal with the Brawler style

An Epic with Familiar Faces

This historical saga brings a twist for fans, featuring beloved characters from earlier Yakuza titles. Protagonist Kazuma Kiryu, along with fan-favorites such as Nishikiyama and Majima, are cast in this riveting samurai tale of betrayal, honoring bonds, and pursuance of justice.

Ready your blade, steady your aim, and prepare for an adventure that will take you through the depths of feudal Japan like never before.

Like a Dragon: Ishin! is waiting for you to claim your destiny on the PlayStation 5.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin! – PlayStation 5
Like a Dragon: Ishin! – PlayStation 5

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