Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

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• Customize Lightning with extensive gear and outfits for unique looks and abilities
• Dynamic world of Nova Chrysalia with a 24-hour time cycle affects gameplay
• Revamped battle system for strategic combat: block, dodge, and counter
• Save souls and make impactful choices to shape Lightning’s destiny
• Experience varied journeys in a world facing its end


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The Dying World: In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, you are plunged into Nova Chrysalia, the remnants of the once-vibrant Gran Pulse, now teetering on the brink of oblivion. Only thirteen days remain until the apocalypse, and chaos has taken hold in a world where time has lost all meaning and the people are trapped in endless life without new births.

The Mission of Salvation: As the protagonist Lightning, you bear the heavy responsibility to rescue as many souls as you can, deciding whom to bring along to the new world that awaits. Your journey is fraught with challenges and choices, each shaping the fate of those around you.

Create Your Own Version of Lightning

  • Customizable Heroine: Take control of Lightning like never before by changing her outfits, weapons, and abilities. With hundreds of combinations at your disposal, you can tailor your Lightning to fit your style, whether it’s for aesthetics or strategic advantages.

The Ever-Changing Nova Chrysalia

  • Living, Breathing World: Unlike any other, the world of Nova Chrysalia operates on a 24-hour clock, ensuring that no two experiences are the same. Time marches on relentlessly, affecting what happens within the world and creating a dynamic journey for every player.

Innovative Battle System

  • Reimagined Combat: The battle system has undergone a complete transformation, allowing for a more direct and engaging control of Lightning. Now you can block, dodge, and counterattack with unprecedented precision, giving you more ways to defeat your enemies.

Experience an epic conclusion: Every decision and battle could be your last as you shape Lightning’s destiny and the fate of the world. Join her on this final adventure to witness the end and discover the resolution of her story.

Specification: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Release date

February 11, 2014

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0.57 x 5.31 x 6.85 inches; 0.8 ounces

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Video Game





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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


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0.8 ounces


Square Enix

Date First Available

September 1, 2012


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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

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