Kirby and the Forgotten Land – US Version

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• 3D platforming adventure with Kirby in a mysterious world
• Explore abandoned structures and remnants of a past civilization
• Copy and evolve enemy abilities, including the new Drill and Ranger
• Unique Mouthful Mode lets Kirby inhale objects for transformations
• Co-op gameplay with a second player as Bandana Waddle Dee
• Dynamic boss battles with two difficulty modes for varied challenge


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Embark on a Magical Adventure

Enter a 3D World: Dive into a 3D platforming adventure with Kirby, exploring mysterious stages filled with remnants of past civilizations. Discover intriguing places, like a once-bustling shopping mall, now waiting to reveal its secrets.

Unique Abilities and Transformations

Copy Abilities: Gain the upper hand by copying enemies’ signature moves, such as the new Drill and Ranger. Utilize these abilities to combat foes, navigate your environment, and embark on a mission to rescue the captive Waddle Dees.

Mouthful Mode: Kirby’s voracious appetite comes into play in an all-new way. Inhale objects from the real world and morph into powerful new forms. Ever seen a puffball operate a vending machine as a suit of armor? Now’s your chance!

Co-op Play Fun

Bandana Waddle Dee joins the fray as a co-op partner. Share a Joy-Con controller with a friend and combine Kirby’s abilities with Bandana Waddle Dee’s spear skills. Experience the joy of teamwork as you uncover the delights of this lost land together.

Challenging Adventures Await

Dynamic Obstacles & Enemies: Prove your mettle by navigating obstacles, taking on enemies with an array of copy abilities, and facing formidable bosses. Each stage brings new challenges, with two difficulty modes catering to both casual and experienced players.

HAL Laboratory, Inc. / Nintendo have created a vivid world where the lovable Kirby takes center stage on the Nintendo Switch, a platform known for its versatility and fun. Embark on this nostalgic journey and experience the evolution of one of Nintendo’s iconic characters.

Specification: Kirby and the Forgotten Land – US Version

Release date

March 25, 2022

Product Dimensions

0.41 x 6.67 x 4.11 inches; 1.76 ounces

Type of item

Video Game



Item model number


Item Weight

1.76 ounces



Date First Available

September 22, 2021


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Kirby and the Forgotten Land – US Version
Kirby and the Forgotten Land – US Version

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