Kao the Kangaroo – PlayStation 4

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• Join Kao, a brave kangaroo, on an epic adventure
• Discover vibrant, secret-filled worlds
• Family-friendly gameplay with core gamer challenges
• Magic boxing gloves enhance the action
• Engaging story with memorable characters


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Join the Adventure with Kao
Meet Kao (pronounced K-O), a daring kangaroo who first hopped into our hearts on SEGA’s Dreamcast in 2000. Fast-forward to today, and he’s geared up for his latest and grandest escapade. Kao’s quest is deeply personal as he hunts for clues about his missing sister and the fate of his father. You’ll accompany Kao as he dons his enchanted boxing gloves, ready to take on master fighters controlled by an ominous, sinister energy.

A Colorful, Thrilling World Awaits
Embark on a visually stunning journey across a world brimming with life and exquisite detail. Discover hidden gems and uncover secrets in an environment that’s as vibrant as it is diverse.

  • Adventure with a Heart: Kao is not your everyday hero; he’s bold, sassy, and carries a spirit of resilience. This isn’t just any quest – it’s a pivotal voyage defining his very existence.
  • Worlds of Wonder: Take a trip through sceneries that are as varied as they are stunning, each offering a treasure trove of secrets to uncover.
  • Accessible Yet Challenging: The game strikes a perfect balance. It’s approachable and delightful for players of all ages, while still delivering a substantial challenge to those who thrive on skillful gameplay.
  • Magical Might: Kao’s boxing gloves are far from ordinary. They’re imbued with mystical forces that give Kao an edge against formidable foes.
  • An Enchanting Narrative: Immerse yourself in a story peppered with enchanting characters, each adding depth to an already compelling narrative.

Specification: Kao the Kangaroo – PlayStation 4


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Kao the Kangaroo – PlayStation 4
Kao the Kangaroo – PlayStation 4


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