The House of the Dead: Remake – Limidead Edition (Nintendo Switch NSW)

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• Exclusive Limidead Edition with lenticular box
• Includes 2 collectible character stands
• Comes with a themed sticker sheet
• Remake of the classic arcade game, The House of the Dead
• Enhanced graphics, audio, and gameplay mechanics
• New multiplayer modes for co-op and competitive play
• Achievement system for tracking progress
• Bestiary feature to study enemy details and weaknesses


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A Blast from the Past

The indelible legacy of the nineties is back with The House of the Dead: Remake – Limidead Edition, exclusively tailored for your Nintendo Switch experience. Dive into the spine-chilling adventure that will take you back to the world of Dr. Roy Curien – a world where the line between science and terror is blurred.

The Story Unfolds

In this harrowing tale, Dr. Curien’s groundbreaking yet perilous research into the Human Genome Theory leads to the unthinkable: resurrecting the dead. As his ambition ravages his sanity, the need to confront the nightmare becomes urgent. Enter Sophie Richards, a determined researcher, who reaches out to her allies at AMS. Agents Thomas Rogan and the enigmatic Agent G are her only hope to confront the undead, save the innocent, and halt Curien’s descent into madness.

Immersive Gameplay

Seize your Joy-Con controllers (or any compatible Nintendo Switch gun accessory, available separately) as you:

  • Battle through a multitude of undead in a house turned slaughterhouse.
  • Experience the horror and excitement in single-player or a local cooperative play.
  • Immerse yourself in a complete remake of the arcade smash hit with reimagined visuals and sounds.
  • Engage with new multiplayer modes, including the gripping Zombie Horde mode.
  • Strive for longevity in the game with an integrated achievement system.
  • Learn your enemies’ frailties with an unlockable bestiary – knowledge is power, even more so against the undead.

Limited Edition Bonuses

The Limidead Edition isn’t just another game on the shelf – it’s a treasure trove for the dedicated fan:

  • An Exclusive Lenticular Box to captivate the eyes of beholders.
  • Two detailed Character Stands to bring the heroes into your reality.
  • A vibrant collection of Stickers to adorn your space with the undead.

Venture forth into the world of The House of the Dead, if you dare, and revel in retracing the steps of a cult classic, reanimated for the modern age.

Ready to embrace the horror? Claim your Limidead Edition for the Nintendo Switch and join the fight against the zombie apocalypse.

Specification: The House of the Dead: Remake – Limidead Edition (Nintendo Switch NSW)


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The House of the Dead: Remake – Limidead Edition (Nintendo Switch NSW)
The House of the Dead: Remake – Limidead Edition (Nintendo Switch NSW)

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