GRID Legends (PS5)

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• GRID Legends delivers instant thrills and iconic racing moments for car enthusiasts.
• Use the Race Creator to design adrenaline-fueled races with various event types.
• Engage in real-time online racing and create open races for others to join.
• Enjoy a captivating Career mode, racing against AI, friends, or other players.
• Experience a wide variety of cars and locations for heart-pounding action.
• Immerse yourself in a dramatic racing story with virtual production cutscenes.


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Unleash the Excitement of Racing

GRID Legends is engineered to deliver non-stop excitement to racing enthusiasts around the globe. It comes packed with features that allow you to:

  • Design Dream Motorsport Events: Customize your own high-stakes races.
  • Compete in Live Multiplayer: Race against others in dynamic multiplayer challenges.
  • Get Immersed in Virtual Storytelling: Dive into an enthralling story mode featuring virtual production.
  • Feel the Speed: Experience the rush of pushing legendary cars to their limits.
  • Create Rivalries: Battle it out with your nemesis and consistently outshine your friends.

Socially Connected Racing Experience

GRID Legends excels at bringing players together with features like:

  • Multiplayer gameplay for up to 22 players including cross-platform play.
  • Exciting new venues like London and Moscow, on top of a variety of event types.

Customize Your Racing Adventures

With the versatile Race Creator, the game offers:

  • Ability to design tailor-made races.
  • A range of event types such as Elimination and Drift mode.
  • Freedom to pit hypercars against enormous trucks for unique challenges.

Build Your Legacy

Delve into the extensive Career mode featuring:

  • Hundreds of exciting events to compete in.
  • Opportunities to race against AI, friends, or online opponents.

Varied Racing Experiences

Enjoy the diversity in racing options with:

  • The largest ever selection of cars and locations in any GRID installment.
  • Events chosen specifically for their heart-racing potential.

An Immersive Narrative

The game boasts a gripping story titled “Driven to Glory”, featuring:

  • A captivating production with an outstanding cast.
  • Engaging cutscenes using cutting-edge virtual reality technology.
  • An emotional rollercoaster you partake in both on and off the tracks.

Key Features at a Glance:

  • GAMEPLAY: Get behind the wheel and speed through stunning courses.
  • RACE CREATOR: Put together pulse-pounding races with various thrilling event types.
  • ONLINE RACING: Engage in real-time races and create your own with the Race Creator.
  • CAREER: Play through an ambitious and rewarding Career mode.
  • RACING VARIETY: Choose from a vast array of cars and locations for a diverse racing experience.
  • STORY: Get absorbed in a compelling narrative fraught with vehicular drama.

Specification: GRID Legends (PS5)


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