Godzilla x Kong 6″ Godzilla Evolved (w/Heat Ray) by Playmates Toys

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• 6″ tall Godzilla Evolved figure with Heat Ray accessory
• Detachable Heat Ray for realistic atomic breath play
• Multiple points of articulation for dynamic posing
• Highly detailed design for authentic movie representation
• Part of the Godzilla x Kong toy line for expanded play options


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Join the Epic Battle with the King of Monsters

Embark on a breathtaking journey to Hollow Earth as the iconic Godzilla and the mighty Kong clash against an unimaginable new enemy. With the fate of their existence and our world hanging in the balance, the battle reaches fever pitch. The ‘Godzilla x Kong 6” Godzilla Evolved‘ figure by Playmates Toys immortalizes the legendary Godzilla, leaping straight from the silver screen into your collection with stunning detail and ferocious abilities.

Unleash Godzilla’s Thunderous Heat Ray

Feel the power of the King of Monsters with the following thrilling features:

  • Breath of Destruction: Equip the fierce Godzilla with the detachable Heat Ray accessory to simulate his signature atomic breath. This dynamic feature brings battle scenes to life and elevates any display.
  • Imposing Presence: Towering at a formidable 6 inches in height, this Godzilla figure commands attention and respect, befitting a ruler of his stature. Its presence will dominate play or display settings.
  • Action-Ready Articulation: Boasting multiple points of articulation, Godzilla is poised for immersive play. Pose him mid-battle or standing victoriously over foes in various stances that reflect his unmatched power.
  • Movie-Accurate Detail: Every inch of this Godzilla figure is meticulously crafted to represent his ‘evolved’ movie portrayal. The intricate textures and designs offer fans an authentic MonsterVerse experience.

Build Your Monster Collection

Expand your horizons within the Godzilla x Kong universe by collecting other figures and accessories from Playmates Toys. Whether you’re assembling a team of titanic allies or summoning fearsome adversaries, you can orchestrate legendary showdowns and create brand new sagas. Collect them all for an ultimate MonsterVerse adventure that only you can control.

Ready to welcome the King of Monsters into your world? Sculpt your collection into something extraordinary with the Godzilla x Kong 6” Godzilla Evolved figure. Dive headfirst into the epic saga where titans collide and only the strongest survive.

Specification: Godzilla x Kong 6″ Godzilla Evolved (w/Heat Ray) by Playmates Toys

Product Dimensions

7.5 x 3 x 9 inches

Item Weight

10.4 ounces

Country of Origin


Item model number


Release date

January 1, 2024


Playmates Toys


Brand: Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire

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Godzilla x Kong 6″ Godzilla Evolved (w/Heat Ray) by Playmates Toys
Godzilla x Kong 6″ Godzilla Evolved (w/Heat Ray) by Playmates Toys


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