God of War Ragnarök – PlayStation 4

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Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $44.90.

• Feel your journey through the Norse realms with immersive haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functionality.
• Experience multidirectional 3D Audio, allowing you to hear enemies approaching from any direction.
• Explore stunning mythological landscapes with precise art direction and attention to detail.
• Switch between full 4K resolution at 30fps or dynamic resolution upscaled to 4K at 60fps.
• Embark on an epic and heartfelt journey as Kratos and Atreus struggle with holding on and letting go.

Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $44.90.

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Step into the realm of Norse gods and experience the emotional narrative of God of War Ragnarök on your PlayStation 4. Your journey is fraught with powerful storytelling and heart-pounding action. Delve into a world teeming with rich Norse lore as Kratos and Atreus confront not only their own destinies but the destiny of all the realms.

The Saga Continues

Kratos and Atreus must navigate through the challenges that come with the foreboding Fimbulwinter and the looming threat of Ragnarök. Witness the evolution of their relationship as they face the toughest decisions for their survival:

  • An unwavering bond tested as Atreus seeks understanding of the “Loki” prophecy.
  • Kratos’ struggle to overcome his past to become the father Atreus needs.
  • A crucial choice that hangs in the balance— the safety of their family against the well-being of the realms.
  • The impending conflict as the Aesir gods prepare for war.

Immersive Gameplay Experience

Engage in the beautifully rendered Nine Realms with these incredible features:

  • Haptic Feedback & Adaptive Triggers: Feel every moment of your journey with immersive controller features that pull you into the action.
  • 3D Audio Technology: Experience the environment around you with multidirectional 3D Audio that lets you perceive threats from any angle. (Utilizes 3D audio with stereo headphones – analog or USB).
  • Visual Splendor: Marvel at the stunning landscapes and meticulous detail put into every frame, bringing Norse mythology to life.
  • Performance Options: Choose your preference with performance settings: opt for full 4K resolution at a targeted 30 fps, or enjoy dynamic resolution upscaled to 4K at a targeted 60fps. (Note: 4K resolution playback requires a compatible 4K TV or display).

Embark on this legendary adventure, and let the sagas of gods and men unfold in God of War Ragnarök, a title that promises to captivate with its masterful storytelling and breathtaking gameplay.

Specification: God of War Ragnarök – PlayStation 4


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God of War Ragnarök – PlayStation 4
God of War Ragnarök – PlayStation 4

Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $44.90.
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