Forspoken – PlayStation 5 (PS5) EU Version Region Free

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• The Odyssey of a Reluctant Hero – Lead Frey on an unforgettable journey in her search for a way home after being mysteriously transported to an ancient, fantastical land.
• A Beautiful and Cruel Open-World – Explore the sprawling realms of Athia, a striking land of remarkable vistas and otherworldly creatures brought to life through stunning graphics and cutting-edge technology.
• Intuitive, Magic-Enhanced Parkour – Scale walls, vault across canyons, leap from dizzying heights, and dash through vast landscapes. Frey’s unique abilities allow her to fluidly traverse the open world with ease.
• Customizable Arsenal of Spells – Tackle twisted monsters in magical combat with a range of powerful abilities catering to a variety of playstyles.
• Region Free – This game is compatible with all PlayStation 5 systems worldwide. Please note that age rating, labeling, or instructions may differ from the local version.


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Frey’s Unusual New World

Thrown into the enchanting yet perilous world of Athia, Frey Holland’s reality is turned upside down. This isn’t New York City; it’s a realm where sorcery and danger go hand in hand. Clad with a living, golden bracelet granting her incredible magical powers, Frey takes on the name “Cuff” for her companion. Together, they dive into the mysteries of Athia, a land once thriving with benevolence that has now succumbed to a malevolent blight.

The Tale of Athia

Athia was a land ruled by the kind-hearted Tantas, but now it lies in ruins, wracked by the destructive force known as The Break. This cataclysm has unleashed terrors, transforming wildlife into fiends and men into monsters. With the Tantas themselves turned into despotic sorceresses, Frey sets out to untangle the fate of Athia and possibly find a path back to her own world.

What Awaits in the Box:

  • DVD ROM that holds the key to this extraordinary adventure.

Frey’s Reluctant Odyssey

  • Embark on a Quest: Steer Frey through an epic narrative, as she grapples with her newfound abilities in a bid to return home.
  • Discover Athia’s Secrets: Journey through the havoc of The Break and unlock the immense mystical potential within Frey.

The Allure and Danger of Athia

  • Open-World Exploration: Roam the vast reaches of Athia, with its alluring vistas and unearthly beings, all rendered in breathtaking detail.
  • Into the Corruption: Brace yourself as you step into regions tainted by darkness, where the world is distorted into a shadow of its former self.

Magical Mastery and Movement

  • Magical Parkour: Leap, sprint, and soar across the terrain, using Frey’s magical prowess to move with unprecedented agility.
  • Spellcasting Arsenal: Engage in combat by harnessing an array of spells, tailored to suit your combat style – be it dynamic and swift or more reserved and tactical.

Additional Information

  • Please be aware that this version of the game is intended for a global audience and could differ in certain aspects, such as age rating and specific regional labels or instructions, though it is region-free and should function on any PlayStation 5 system.

Specification: Forspoken – PlayStation 5 (PS5) EU Version Region Free

Product Dimensions

0.71 x 6.89 x 5.39 inches; 2.4 ounces

Type of item

Video Game





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Item Weight

2.4 ounces


Square Enix

Date First Available

January 24, 2023


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Forspoken – PlayStation 5 (PS5) EU Version Region Free
Forspoken – PlayStation 5 (PS5) EU Version Region Free

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