Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Exclusive Amazon Edition (PS5)

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• Limited edition FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH PS5 Controller Skin featuring Cloud and Sephiroth
• Full coverage without buttons or sensor interference
• Pre-order to unlock the Midgar Bangle Mk. II Armor
• Explore beautiful, expansive regions of the world
• Discover new areas through unique forms of transportation
• Advanced battle system with strategic thinking and action combat
• Deepen relationships with comrades for powerful team-based combos
• Standalone adventure for fans and newcomers
• Venture outside the dystopian city of Midgar into fresh and mysterious territories.


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The Adventure Continues in FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH

Immerse yourself in the next chapter of the FINAL FANTASY VII remake project, lovingly crafted by the original creators. This ambitious retelling splits the iconic story into three distinct parts, each offering a full gaming experience. In FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH, you’ll journey to new horizons, with the narrative expanding to reach the mystical “The Forgotten Capital” from the original classic.

Amazon Exclusive Edition Bonuses

  • Limited Edition Controller Skin: Elevate your gaming setup with an exclusive PS5 controller skin showcasing the rivalry of Cloud and Sephiroth. Designed for a seamless fit, it provides comprehensive coverage without interfering with button response or controller sensors.
  • Unlockable In-Game Content: Pre-order to gain access to the Midgar Bangle Mk. II Armor — a special accessory for adventurers departing from the city of Midgar.

Enhanced Gameplay Experience

  • Explore a World Awaiting Discovery: Traverse grand landscapes in search of Sephiroth, unlock new regions to explore, and experience the wonder of travel with various modes of transportation.
  • Refined Combat System: Engage in battles that blend tactical prowess with high-octane action. New characters join the fray, allowing for deeper camaraderie and devastating combo attacks.
  • An Uncharted Destiny: As Cloud and allies step beyond the confines of Midgar, each moment is infused with anticipation and the thrill of the unknown. Veterans and newcomers alike will encounter a planet teeming with possibility, where destiny is yet unwritten.

Embrace the legacy and mystery of FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH and take part in an experience that transcends nostalgia and enters the realms of modern gaming magnificence. Don’t miss out on this chance to own a piece of gaming history with exclusive perks.

Specification: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Exclusive Amazon Edition (PS5)


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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Exclusive Amazon Edition (PS5)
Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Exclusive Amazon Edition (PS5)

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