Fight’N Rage – PlayStation 5

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• Old-school side-scroller beat ’em up with a retro 90’s aesthetic
• Skill-based gameplay with full moveset available from the start
• Local co-op for up to 3 players with optional friendly fire
• Different weapons uniquely handled by each protagonist
• Multiple endings, unlockable costumes, and game modes
• Over 20 playable enemies and various difficulty settings
• Includes updates from the first 5 years: trophies and Secret Arcade Mode
• Earn in-game coins for extra content and customization
• Speedrun Timer to track and improve stage completion times


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Classic Beat ‘Em Up Gameplay

Fight’N Rage captures the essence of the iconic 90’s beat ’em ups like Final Fight and Streets of Rage. With simplified three-button controls and vibrant pixel-art graphics, it resurrects an era that many gamers reminisce about with fondness. Players venture into a dystopian future where mutants dominate, battling through intense stages with either solo or local co-op modes, making it the ultimate test of skill and reflexes for nostalgic thrill-seekers and newcomers alike.

Key Features:

  • Three-Player Local Co-op: Team up with friends and dive into the chaos with a rich co-op experience featuring optional friendly fire for an additional challenge.
  • Varied Endings & Costumes: The game offers different story outcomes and unlockable costumes, ensuring each playthrough can offer something new.
  • Non-RPG Progression: No grind for experience points here—every character’s full moveset is unlocked from the start, putting the player’s skills front and center.
  • Personalized Weapon Handling: Each character brings their own unique style to the weapons they use, adding depth to the combat system.
  • Extensive Unlockables: Use the in-game currency to unlock additional features such as new difficulty levels, game speeds, modes, and playable characters.
  • Speedrun Friendly: With an integrated timer, players can challenge themselves to beat their best times, minus cutscene durations for an uninterrupted action experience.
  • Content-Rich Edition: All updates from the first five years, including a Secret Arcade Mode where enemies become playable, and the inclusion of a stats and trophies menu for tracking progress.

Whether you’re a veteran of the genre or a newcomer looking to test your might, Fight’N Rage offers an engaging and nostalgia-packed experience with plenty of content to enjoy and master. Sharpen your reflexes and prepare to fight through waves of mutants and earn your place in the hall of fame of classic beat ‘em ups.

Specification: Fight’N Rage – PlayStation 5

Release date

July 28, 2023

Product Dimensions

0.58 x 6.9 x 5.34 inches; 2.56 ounces

Type of item

Video Game





Item Weight

2.56 ounces


Selecta Play

Date First Available

March 24, 2023


Brand: Selecta Play

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Fight’N Rage – PlayStation 5
Fight’N Rage – PlayStation 5

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