Fernbus Coach Simulator (PS5)

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• The first simulator to reproduce the daily schedule of long distance coach journeys operated by FlixBus
• Includes DLC routes from the Eiffel tower in Paris to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
• Additional content with major routes throughout Europe
• Over 50,000 km of FlixBus’s European route network recreated on a 1:10 ratio
• Detailed drivers cab with extensive functions and complex road network
• Dynamic weather with four seasons
• Over 100 cities throughout Europe
• Driving by night with animated passengers


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Immersive Long Distance Bus Driving Experience
Become a part of the fast-growing, long-distance coach service as you step into the driver’s seat with the Fernbus Coach Simulator. Officially licensed by FlixBus, this simulator brings to life the routine of piloting passengers across Europe’s scenic routes.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Routes: Travel from landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower to the Brandenburg Gate. Over 40 cities connected through 50,000 km of realistic road network based on FlixBus’s services.
  • Detail-Oriented Simulation: Experience driving the MAN Lion’s coach with high fidelity, featuring all functionalities found in the original models.
  • Realistic Scenarios: Encounter construction sites, traffic jams, and accidents that demand your ability to keep to tight schedules.
  • Virtual Passenger Interaction: Sell tickets directly or validate online bookings as passengers board your coach.
  • Dynamic Gameplay: Adjust to changing weather and seasons while navigating both day and night cycles.
  • DLC Content Included: Gain access to major European routes across multiple countries with added content valued at €75.

What Sets This Simulator Apart

Enjoy a meticulously crafted experience with a time passage rate of 10% of real-time to complete journeys within sensible durations. Every aspect, from the original passenger announcements to the coach’s detailed interior and exterior, is designed to provide an authentic and comprehensive simulation.

Tested and Approved: The coaches in Fernbus Coach Simulator have undergone rigorous testing by professional drivers and driving instructors to ensure a realistic and optimized driving experience.

Included Countries:

The game extends beyond Germany, featuring routes in the Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Austria, and Switzerland, making it a European adventure like no other.

Value for Money

With additional content worth over £60 / €75 included, this boxed version of Fernbus Coach Simulator represents exceptional value, bringing countless hours of entertainment for simulation enthusiasts.

Your Next Journey Awaits

Will you rise to the challenge and become a seasoned bus captain, earning the trust and satisfaction of your passengers as you ferry them across Europe’s grand vistas? Buckle up for a drive across the continent’s vast network in Fernbus Coach Simulator.

Specification: Fernbus Coach Simulator (PS5)


Brand: Aerosoft

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Fernbus Coach Simulator (PS5)
Fernbus Coach Simulator (PS5)


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