Fae Farm – Nintendo Switch (US Version)

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Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $54.33.

• Cozy and customizable: Create your own character and customize your adventure with unlockable styles and decorations for your farm. The cozier your home, the better your experience!
• Magical Creatures: Care for cuddly animals and collect eggs, wool, and more.
• Adventure is at your doorstep: Explore Azoria, forage caves, gather resources, and battle jumbles.
• Budding Friendships: Build bonds with colorful characters, find romance, and get married.
• Multiplayer: Play with up to 3 friends online or over local wireless.

Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $54.33.

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Dive into the Enchanted World of Azoria

Build Your Magical Homestead: In the captivating world of Fae Farm, you have the opportunity to create a snug and personalized home amidst the wonders of Azoria. From the start, you’re drawn into an environment where your daily activities are infused with a touch of magic. Revel in the delights of crafting, cooking, and potion-making as you forge a unique adventure.

Charming Inhabitants and Deep Relationships: Azoria is bustling with endearing characters. By interacting with them, you not only form lasting bonds but also uncover the deeper secrets of the island. These interactions are the heart of your journey, allowing you to experience the sheer joy of building relationships within this mystical community.

Seasonal Adventures and Co-op Play

Changing Seasons, Unfolding Mysteries: As the seasons transition, so does the landscape of Azoria. This ever-changing environment grants you access to new areas, presenting fresh challenges and the chance to restore balance to your surroundings.

Multiplayer Endeavors: Ain’t too keen on solo adventures? No worries! Fae Farm accommodates multiplayer fun, where up to three pals can join in. Whether it’s local or online multiplayer, the game ensures that friends and family can partake in your Azorian exploits, paving the way for collaborative progress and shared memories.

A Voyage Awaits: Ready for departure? Embark aboard a mystical ship and chart a course for Azoria. This magical kingdom eagerly awaits the touch of your green thumb and the spark of your adventurous spirit.

Game Features to Enchant and Delight

  • Cozy and Customizable: Design your character and pick from a variety of unlockable styles. Tailor your farm with decorative touches to make your homestead uniquely yours. The cozier, the merrier!
  • Magical Creatures: A bevy of adorable creatures await your care. Manage your farm to harvest eggs, collect wool, and more, all while basking in the company of your fantastical farm animals.
  • Adventurous Spirit: Take the plunge and explore Azoria’s diverse environments. Test your mettle in caves, gather resources, and stand tall against the jumbles. Move at your own pace through a world ripe with adventures yet to be had.
  • Budding Friendships: The island boasts an array of vibrant characters, each with their own story to tell. Foster connections, partake in dates, and you may just find yourself walking down the aisle at Town Hall.
  • One for All: Whether you wish to delve into Azoria solo or bring along friends for a shared journey, Fae Farm offers a flexible gaming experience to enjoy alone or in a group.

Your magical adventure begins now on the Nintendo Switch. Don’t miss out on the mystical realm of Azoria waiting to be discovered in Fae Farm.

Specification: Fae Farm – Nintendo Switch (US Version)


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Fae Farm – Nintendo Switch (US Version)
Fae Farm – Nintendo Switch (US Version)

Original price was: $59.99.Current price is: $54.33.
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