Evil Genius 2: World Domination (PS5)

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• Satirical spy-fi lair builder for PS5
• Control an Evil Genius and pursue world domination
• Construct and customize a unique villainous lair
• Train and manage a workforce of minions and specialists
• Defend against the Forces of Justice with traps and defenses
• Execute outlandish schemes and build a Doomsday Device
• Dark humor and strategy blend for engaging gameplay


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Build Your Evil Empire

  • Cruel Constructions: Select your piece of paradise and customize your secret lair to your liking. Your base design influences how you dominate the world.
  • Atrocious Anti-Heroes: Up your evil game by creating a workforce of minions and specialists to carry out your wicked schemes.
  • Dastardly Devices: Keep the Forces of Justice at bay with ingenious traps and cunning defenses.
  • Nefarious Plots: Engage in outlandish schemes, like selling the British Royal Family or kidnapping the Governor of Maine. Spice up your strife with variety!

Evil Genius 2 adds a dose of dark humor to the spy-fi genre, inviting players to embrace their inner villain. As an Evil Genius, you will control a lair and minions to execute your nefarious plans. This direct sequel to the 2004 cult classic promotes all the fun of being the bad guy – complete with a Doomsday Device to threaten global stability!

With Evil Genius 2, you can:

  • Design a unique lair, perfect for your evil plans.
  • Train criminal minions to handle the dirty work.
  • Protect your secret base from do-gooders.
  • Carry out the ultimate goal of world domination.

Feel the thrill of thwarting heroes and embracing the path to absolute power. Evil Genius 2 offers an enticing blend of strategy and humor, promising hours of engaging gameplay for aspiring masterminds.


Specification: Evil Genius 2: World Domination (PS5)


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Evil Genius 2: World Domination (PS5)
Evil Genius 2: World Domination (PS5)


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