Everspace: Stellar Edition – Nintendo Switch

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• Fast-paced combat with roguelike elements
• Dynamic, ever-changing universe full of surprises
• Encounters expansion with new characters, quests, and ship
• Over 60 original soundtrack tracks, totaling over three hours
• Animated wallpapers and custom icons/sounds for home screen
• Challenging gameplay with crafting, looting, and shooting


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Everspace is a game that masterfully unites intense combat action with the unpredictability of roguelike game mechanics, all set against a backdrop of stunning visual landscapes. It’s a game that invites players to embark on a high-stakes journey through a universe that’s as beautiful as it is hazardous, brimming with unforeseen twists and turns. Prepare to pilot your spacecraft through cosmic battles, craft essential upgrades, and collect precious loot as you navigate a path filled with formidable challenges.


  • Encounters Expansion: The Stellar Edition includes the ‘Encounters’ expansion, offering an enriched gaming experience with numerous new story characters, questlines, a brand-new player ship, loads of fresh equipment, added enemies, and much more to discover.
  • Immersive Soundscapes: Delve into the game’s universe with an immersive original soundtrack, comprising over 60 tracks. With a total runtime of over three hours, these compositions provide an auditory journey as epic as the game itself.
  • Customize Your Experience: Personalize your Nintendo Switch home screen with animated wallpapers, epic background music, as well as unique icons and sounds directly from the Everspace universe, enhancing your overall experience.

Enjoy a Refined Space Combat Venture:

Embark on an endlessly exciting space odyssey that blends adrenaline-pumping action with a sophisticated narrative, taking roguelike gameplay to new heights. Everspace: Stellar Edition promises not just entertainment but a whole cosmos to explore and conquer. Make your mark among the stars and be prepared for an adventure where each playthrough will leave you eager for more.

Everspace: Stellar Edition provides a complete package for fans of space combat and roguelike adventures, ensuring every space enthusiast’s appetite for interstellar exploration and battle is fully satisfied.

Specification: Everspace: Stellar Edition – Nintendo Switch


Brand: GS2 Games

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Everspace: Stellar Edition – Nintendo Switch
Everspace: Stellar Edition – Nintendo Switch


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