ELECTRONIC ARTS NHL 24 Standard Playstation 5

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• Complete revamp of Chel gameplay experience
• Rewards extended offensive events and attack zone time
• Sustained Pressure System gives offensive team a serious advantage
• Goalie Fatigue System tires opponent’s goalie with sustained pressure
• Overhauled physics and animations for realistic body checks
• Refreshed control setup for intuitive and accessible gameplay


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Revolutionary Gameplay Features

Prepare for an immersive gaming experience with EA SPORTS NHL 24’s cutting-edge gameplay options. Feel the intensity of a high-stakes match and the rush of competition with innovative features that bring the excitement of ice hockey to life:

  • Exhaust Engine: Encounter the effects of sustained pressure in the attack zone. Goalie fatigue becomes a critical factor as their response time slows down the more they face offensive onslaughts.
  • Physics-Based Contact: Experience the power of huge body checks that can shatter the glass and send players over the boards, adding an intense physical dimension to the game.
  • Vision Passing System: Gain unparalleled control over player passes with a system that enables more strategic gameplay.
  • Total Control Skill Moves: Execute breathtaking maneuvers with a refreshed control setup that makes skillful play more intuitive and accessible than ever.

Chel Gameplay Experience

The Chel experience in NHL 24 has been completely transformed to authentically reward players for offensive prowess and control of the attack zone. This brand-new approach offers you an authentic edge in gameplay:

  • A novel Sustained Pressure System amplifies the advantage for the offensive team.
  • The Goalie Fatigue System ensures that the longer you maintain offensive pressure, the more the opposing goalie’s performance deteriorates.
  • Enjoy enhanced physical contact with overhauled physics and animations that reflect the real-world brutality and energy of ice hockey.

Enhanced Connectivity and Authentic Moments

With Chel more connected than ever, enjoy cross-play in all online team play modes. Immerse yourself in ‘HUT Moments’ where you can recreate pivotal moments in hockey history. Not just limited to the past, you can also relive today’s most incredible plays:

  • The inclusion of Flex Moments brings over 75 new goal celebrations into the game, adding flavor and authenticity to your victories.
  • Experience a refreshed presentation alongside a vibrant crowd atmosphere that makes every game feel like a live event.

EA SPORTS NHL 24 is not just another step forward in hockey simulation; it’s a complete overhaul designed to bring you right onto the rink for the ultimate hockey experience on PlayStation 5.

Specification: ELECTRONIC ARTS NHL 24 Standard Playstation 5


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ELECTRONIC ARTS NHL 24 Standard Playstation 5
ELECTRONIC ARTS NHL 24 Standard Playstation 5


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