Dynasty Warriors 4 – PlayStation 2

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• Conquer 50+ stages on 17 unique maps
• Engage in massive battles against hordes of enemies
• Select from diverse generals with unique abilities
• Utilize enhanced charge attacks and magical items
• Experience improved game engine and one-on-one duels
• Edit characters or use preset options
• New gameplay features: Campaign mode and Kingdom play
• Dynamic scenarios for replayability
• Real-time war machines like catapults for strategic advantage
• Enhanced AI for more realistic battles
• Themes of Honor and Loyalty in Three Kingdoms era
• Based on “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” novel


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Product Description

Battlefield action game allowing players to take on multiple opponents at once and fight against impossible odds.

Amazon.com Review

The Dynasty Warriors series has a surprisingly devoted fan base, considering the repeated use of the same ancient China tales and stiff dialogue across four installments. However, fans appreciate the series’ charm, akin to the enthusiasm for over-the-top kung fu movies, revealing the true appeal of Dynasty Warriors.

If you’re new to the series, Dynasty Warriors is a third-person fighting game where you select a military general and fight across expansive battlefields. The characters each have unique personalities, and the game includes some female characters as well. As you progress, collect items like the Dragon Amulet to enhance your Musou gauge for special attacks. Your growing skill points also increase your weapon’s power.

DW4 includes new features such as:

  • Enhanced charge attacks and items
  • The ability to freeze enemies with magic orbs
  • Character editing – though many prefer the presets
  • An improved game engine and one-on-one duels
  • Larger, more varied maps

The key question is whether Dynasty Warriors 4 represents a significant overhaul or merely capitalizes on the franchise’s popularity. Nonetheless, its addictive gameplay may make you an avid fan as you clear stages and defeat bosses for rewards.


  • Enhanced maps
  • Complex charge attack mechanics
  • Improved enemy AI


  • The “Siege engine” is mostly a novelty
  • Tedious retracing of steps, even with speed boots
  • Unimpressive officer customization options

From the Manufacturer

Dynasty Warriors 4 elevates battlefield games by enabling the thrill of facing multiple foes and overcoming impossible odds. This iteration introduces several new features, adding depth to gameplay and offering insights into the characters and events of the Three Kingdoms era. Themes of Honor and Loyalty shine throughout the game, portraying the sense of duty among generals to Lords and Allies amidst the efforts to unite a divided empire.

The game includes the addition of large-scale war machines such as catapults and battering rams. The inclusion of these devices, functioning in real-time, provides a vital advantage and an enhanced level of excitement to the strategic gameplay.

Based on the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this installment takes a more open approach to storytelling for greater engagement. It introduces two new play modes:

  • Campaign mode where players select a character and a strategic campaign
  • Kingdom play allows the use of all characters from a selected kingdom

Both modes offer more freedom than the linear progression of previous games. The dynamic scenario system ensures that no two games are the same, with ever-changing victory conditions and events that unfold uniquely in each battle. Enhanced AI for enemy and allied units makes for the most realistic battlefield action in the series.

Conquer over 50 stages across 17 unique maps, more than any other Dynasty game.

Specification: Dynasty Warriors 4 – PlayStation 2

Release date

March 26, 2003

Product Dimensions

7.5 x 5.5 x 0.5 inches; 8 ounces

Type of item

Video Game



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Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item Weight

8 ounces


Tecmo Koei

Date First Available

December 3, 2002


Brand: Tecmo Koei

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Dynasty Warriors 4 – PlayStation 2
Dynasty Warriors 4 – PlayStation 2


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