Dying Light 2 Stay Human (PlayStation 5)

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• Vast open-world exploration in a city facing a dark era
• Multiple levels and hidden paths to discover
• Parkour-inspired, creative, and brutal combat system
• Dynamic day and night cycle affecting gameplay and enemy behavior
• Choices impact the city’s fate and alter the story’s direction
• Cooperative gameplay for 2-4 players, with unique experiences based on decisions


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Welcome to The City, a bastion of humanity’s struggle in a world thrown into a new dark age by a devastating virus. In Dying Light 2 Stay Human for PlayStation 5, take on the role of a traveler with the capacity to influence the tides of fate within this post-apocalyptic haven. But be wary—the gifts that allow you to navigate this treacherous terrain come at a cost, and memories you cannot fully recall will lead you down a path filled with danger and decisions.

Immerse Yourself in a Vast Open World

  • Expansive Exploration: Roam across a sprawling metropolis engulfed in darkness, uncovering various levels and secret passages as you traverse its diverse neighborhoods.
  • Action-Packed Adventures: Engage in relentless encounters where agility and cunning are your best assets. Embrace your parkour abilities in combat to gain the upper hand against formidable foes.

Experience the Intensity of Day and Night

  • Daytime Strategy: Strategically plan your excursions for the daytime, when the infected lurk in the shadows, providing you with the opportunity to explore safely.
  • Nocturnal Dangers: Bravely navigate the treachery of night as the infected roam the streets, leaving their lairs exposed for the curious and brave to investigate.

Forge Your Path and Watch The City Transform

  • Decisions That Matter: Your choices directly influence the political landscape of The City. Engage in a complex conflict and observe as your actions reshape the world around you.

Thrilling Co-op Experiences Awaiting

  • Join Forces: Dive into the fray with up to three other players in thrilling co-op play. Whether hosting your own game or joining another’s, every player’s decisions can lead to a unique path and change how the story unfolds.

Embark on a journey where humanity is on the brink and remember the most critical rule: Stay human.

Specification: Dying Light 2 Stay Human (PlayStation 5)


Brand: Koch Distribution

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human (PlayStation 5)
Dying Light 2 Stay Human (PlayStation 5)


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