Driver – PlayStation

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• Hollywood-style car chases as a wheelman
• Selection of performance-packed muscle cars
• Realistic handling and damage modeling
• Replay/director mode to “film” car chases
• Multiple views for full driving immersion
• Undercover story mode with mission-based gameplay
• Four expansive cities: Miami, San Francisco, LA, New York
• Additional play modes: free ride, pursuit, getaway, survival
• Detailed environments with a sense of realism
• ’70s funk soundtrack for an authentic vibe


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Product Features:

  • Hollywood-style car chases
  • Selection of performance-packed muscle cars
  • Realistic handling with damage modeling
  • Real-world physics reactions
  • Thrilling replay/director mode
  • Multiple views for a comprehensive driving experience

Detailed Review

Unique Blend of Gameplay: Driver stands out as a unique amalgamation of action-packed driving. It delivers an engaging blend that’s not quite like anything else out there—a bit like a mix of the vehicular aspects of Grand Theft Auto and Die Hard Trilogy, with flares of Destruction Derby-esque destruction woven into cityscapes.

Undercover Missions: You slip into the shoes of Tanner, an ex-racecar driver turned cop, going undercover to infiltrate the menacing Castaldi crime family. But before diving into missions, you’ll need to showcase your driving prowess through a rigorous test of stunts and skills—a true test before the game even begins.

Vast Urban Landscapes: The game allows you to navigate through four distinct metropoles: Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. Each city brings new missions to challenge your driving and strategic capabilities, with a helpful onscreen map guide to keep you focused on the action rather than the geography.

Versatile Gameplay Modes: Aside from the main story, Driver offers various modes for endless entertainment. Whether you’re in it for the joyride with ‘free ride mode,’ or relishing the chase in ‘pursuit,’ ‘getaway,’ or ‘survival,’ there’s something for every driving game enthusiast.

The Police Pursuit: As an undercover agent, you’ll need to outsmart and outrun cop cars aiming to halt your progress. They may not be always sharp, but get cornered, and these pursuits can become a thrilling escape challenge.

Graphical and Auditory Experience:

Visuals: Despite its fair share of blockiness, Driver’s environments are impressively detailed, rendering a convincing portrayal of hustling, bustling city life.

Soundtrack: The game’s ’70s funk soundtrack perfectly aligns with its gritty, underground vibe, complemented by well-executed sound effects. The voice acting may fall behind, but the overarching audio experience immerses you right into the heart of high-stake chases.

Final Verdict: Although Driver may not dazzle with its presentation, its core gameplay remains timeless and compelling. It’s the rush of narrowly escaping the law, the intent focus needed in high-speed chases, that solidifies Driver as a remarkably fun gaming experience. As summarized by Ryan Mac Donald, Driver ultimately succeeds in delivering high-speed thrills and a palpable sense of jeopardy, keeping players engaged and on-edge throughout.

Specification: Driver – PlayStation

Release date

June 28, 1999

Product Dimensions

5.6 x 4.9 x 0.4 inches; 3.52 ounces

Type of item

Video Game



Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item Weight

3.52 ounces



Date First Available

September 4, 2000


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