DREDGE Deluxe Edition (PlayStation 5)

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• DREDGE Deluxe Edition (PlayStation 5) is a single-player fishing adventure game with a sinister undercurrent.
• Captain your fishing trawler across remote islands, uncovering hidden treasures and completing quests.
• Explore a mysterious archipelago and unravel the secrets of its troubled past.
• Upgrade your boat and equipment to gain access to rare fish and valuable deep-sea curios.
• Strengthen your mind and use your abilities to survive trips out on the water after dark.


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Step into the boots of a seasoned fisherman and embark on a unique journey with DREDGE Deluxe Edition—a one-of-a-kind single-player fishing adventure set against a backdrop of mystery and suspense.

Key Features

  • Embark on an Adventure: Navigate across the Marrows’ archipelago in your sturdy trawler, exploring each island’s distinct characteristics, fauna, and enigmatic tales.
  • Discover and Sell: Delve into the ocean’s depths to find over 125 aquatic species and assorted underwater relics. Trade your bounty with local inhabitants and unlock the murky history of the region.
  • Sinister Undercurrent: While DREDGE starts as a serene fishing quest, it unravels into a darker story that dips into the realm of the uncanny and the unexplainable.
  • Dredge for Secrets: As you probe further into the sea’s abyss, you’ll uncover quests that will lead you to unexpected and bizarre findings.
  • Equip and Upgrade: Invest in specialized gear to enhance your trawling capabilities, allowing access to rare aquatic life and prized deep-sea discoveries.
  • Survive the Darkness: Prepare your mind and harness newfound skills to endure the perilous waters after nightfall, where unimaginable horrors lurk beneath the waves.

Gameplay Experience

DREDGE blends fishing with adventure, inviting players to solve puzzles, engage with strange creatures, and survive the dark that envelops the sea at night. Your journey is not simply about the catch but also about the haunting secrets that the ocean guards fiercely.

Technical Note

If you encounter issues with the game not loading, ensure that the disc is clean and inserted correctly. Verify that your console is set to the appropriate format indicated on the case. Additionally, a connection to the internet may be required during the game’s initial load.

Specification: DREDGE Deluxe Edition (PlayStation 5)


Brand: Fireshine Games

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DREDGE Deluxe Edition (PlayStation 5)
DREDGE Deluxe Edition (PlayStation 5)


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