Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons (PS5)

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• Tag Team Action – Seamlessly switch between two fighters for devastating combos and strategic moves
• Beat ‘Em Up with Roguelite Elements – Endless playthrough possibilities with dynamic mission select function
• Unique Roguelite Experience – Dynamic level system alters complexity of your path
• Local Co-op Action – Team up with a friend for two-player local cooperation
• 13 Distinct Characters – Unlock and play as different characters with individual playstyles
• Flexible Difficulty – Adjust challenge level to suit your preference
• Token Shop – Use tokens to access additional content and character unlocks
• Special Inclusions – Exclusive poster and character sticker sheet
• Heart-pumping action and storytelling on PlayStation 5


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The Setting

It’s the year 199X, a time when nuclear war has left New York City in shambles. The streets are rife with rioting and crime, while gangs vie for control over the wreckage of the city. Amidst this chaos rise two brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee, determined to reclaim their home from the clutches of lawlessness.

The Plot Unfolds

Embark on a journey with the Lee brothers in an alternate story that delves into their early tales. Face off against a mix of new adversaries and old nemeses as you venture through an evolving narrative.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • Unique Roguelite Experience: With every playthrough, engage in a novel series of action-packed sequences. The game’s dynamic level system means that the order in which missions are selected will alter the complexity of your path.
  • Tag Team Mechanics: You can employ two fighters and effortlessly switch between them, allowing for a variety of tactics with their combo possibilities and diverse moves.
  • Local Co-op Action: Team up with a friend for two-player local cooperation and double the excitement as you clean up the streets together.

Characters and Replayability

You’re not limited to the Lee brothers; expand your horizons with Marian and Uncle Matin, or one of the nine extra characters you can unlock as you progress. Each character brings something special to the table:

  • 13 Distinct Characters: Collect tokens through your escapades to uncover a host of characters, all with individual playstyles and advantages.
  • Flexible Difficulty: The game’s challenge level can be adjusted to suit your preference, impacting the number of tokens collected per game session.
  • Token Shop: Use your hard-earned tokens to access additional content, including character unlocks, at the Token Shop.

Special Inclusions

Double Dragon Gaiden Poster: Adorn your wall with an exclusive poster showcasing the art of David Liu.
Character Sticker Sheet: Customize your gear with a variety of Double Dragon Gaiden character stickers.

Get Ready to Rumble

Immerse yourself in the heart-pumping action and storytelling that Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons has to offer on the PlayStation 5. It’s retro, it’s modern, it’s everything a beat ‘em up aficionado could ask for!

Specification: Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons (PS5)


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Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons (PS5)
Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of the Dragons (PS5)

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