Dex Red Art Games Physical Edition – Nintendo Switch (Non-US Version)

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• Deep RPG mechanics mixed with side-scrolling 2D action
• Non-linear gameplay set in a cyberpunk open-world
• Intriguing and mature plot in a neo-noir atmosphere
• Multiple dialogue choices with branching outcomes
• Full English voice over


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Immerse yourself in the vivid and gritty universe of Dex, a two-dimensional action role-playing game that offers players a non-linear journey through its neo-noir storytelling. This game is not just about combat; it’s about immersion into a world where every decision matters.

Your Role in Dex

You become Dex, a character adorned with enigmatic blue hair, gifted with extraordinary abilities, and targeted by a formidable and secretive syndicate. Dive into the atmospheric and fog-laden avenues of Harbor Prime, navigating a landscape rife with danger and intrigue.

Gameplay Highlights

  • Rich RPG Elements: Harness a depth of mechanics that fuse the intense engagement of a role-playing game with the agility and action of side-scrolling combat.
  • Open-World Freedom: Relish in the expansive cyberpunk setting, where your actions directly influence the world around you.
  • Engrossing Story: Get pulled into a complex narrative chock-full of twists, where the ambiance of a neo-noir thriller lingers at every turn.
  • Consequential Dialogues: Engage with multiple characters, each conversation offering pivotal choices that weave your unique storyline.
  • Professional Voice Acting: Experience the fully-voiced drama in English, enhancing the storytelling and immersion.

Dex invites players into a meticulously crafted world, blending classic side-scrolling action with a multi-layered narrative that will keep you hooked. It’s not just a game; it’s an entry into a dark future where your actions carry weight and the story adapts to your choices. Are you ready to take a stand and fight against the powers that be?

Specification: Dex Red Art Games Physical Edition – Nintendo Switch (Non-US Version)

Product Dimensions

0.79 x 0.12 x 1.1 inches; 2.12 ounces

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Video Game



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Item Weight

2.11 ounces


Red Art Games

Date First Available

August 26, 2020


Brand: Red Art Games

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Dex Red Art Games Physical Edition – Nintendo Switch (Non-US Version)
Dex Red Art Games Physical Edition – Nintendo Switch (Non-US Version)

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