Detroit: Become Human – PlayStation 4

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• Detroit: Become Human is a gripping narrative-driven video game for the PlayStation 4.
• Expands on Quantic Dream’s legacy of immersive storytelling experiences.
• Players co-write the story through the actions of multiple protagonists.
• Set in a revitalized Detroit City in 2038, where Androids have become part of everyday life.
• Play as three unique characters, each with their own story and choices to make.
• Explore the meaning of humanity through the eyes of Androids seeking freedom.
• Confront moral dilemmas and face the consequences of your decisions.
• Evolve and experience true emotions as you shape the outcome of the story.
• A powerful and emotional journey of choice and consequences.


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Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream for the Sony PS4 is the latest title in development by Quantic Dream, which continues the studio’s renowned tradition of delivering immersive narrative-driven experiences, as seen in previous works such as Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain, and Beyond: Two Souls.


Detroit: Become Human is set in the reborn city of Detroit during the year 2038, a time when the city has undergone a renaissance thanks to the introduction of Androids into daily life. However, trouble brews when these artificially intelligent beings start to display signs of consciousness, leading to unforeseen and turbulent events.

As a player, you’ll take on the roles of multiple characters including:

  • Kara: a female service android who seeks her place in a disorderly societal landscape.
  • Connor: an Android Cop working for human law enforcement, hunting for deviant Androids such as Markus.
  • Markus: the leader of a group of Androids fighting for freedom and self-determination.

Your decisions will shape the narrative in a complex world where every choice comes with consequence, underscoring the deep narrative storytelling for which Quantic Dream is known.

Key Features:

  • Create Your Own Story: Observe, think, decide, and feel. Let your intuition guide you to craft a unique tale for each of the three playable characters.
  • Choice and Consequences: Face moral dilemmas, make choices, and live with the resulting outcomes as every decision affects the story’s trajectory and ending.
  • Humanity Through the Lens of Androids: Witness the budding emotions of Androids and explore what it truly means to be human through a machine’s awakening desire for autonomy and freedom.

Crafted for: Those who cherish deeply engaging storylines, decision-making in gaming, and the exploration of philosophical themes within interactive entertainment.

Experience the Quest for Humanity: Embark on a thought-provoking journey that challenges players to contemplate life, sentience, and the intricacies of existence—crafted for those who appreciate when gaming transcends entertainment and becomes a mirror to life’s larger questions.

Specification: Detroit: Become Human – PlayStation 4

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6.77 x 5.31 x 0.67 inches; 2.88 ounces

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Video Game


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2.88 ounces


Quantic Dream

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August 16, 2017


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Detroit: Become Human – PlayStation 4
Detroit: Become Human – PlayStation 4

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