Desperados 3 – PS4 (PS4)

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Original price was: $23.95.Current price is: $16.96.

• Tactical stealth action set in the Wild West
• Control a group of 5 unique characters with special skills
• Multiple solutions and paths for each mission
• Plan and execute strategies to overcome large enemy groups
• Explore classic scenarios including towns, canyons, and swamps
• Choose between lethal and non-lethal approaches
• Customizable difficulty and replay challenges

Original price was: $23.95.Current price is: $16.96.

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Enthralling Storyline & Dynamic Characters

Embark on an epic journey through 1870s America and Mexico, where you take control of a ragtag band of characters. These unlikely heroes and heroines with diverse and vibrant personalities must learn to cooperate to become a highly functional group.

  • The group is composed of strong-willed individuals who initially struggle to work together.
  • They face threats from ruthless bandits and corrupt lawmen.
  • Their ultimate goal is to challenge their nemesis and disrupt the plans of a relentless corporate tycoon.

Strategic Gameplay & Unique Abilities

As you traverse the Wild West, employ the team’s wide range of skills to gain an advantage.

  • Infiltrate, spy, sabotage, and assassinate to further your goals.
  • Use stealth to avoid detection or choose a more direct approach with guns blazing.
  • Plan and execute your strategies in real-time for maximum efficacy.

Master the Art of Tactics

Take on each mission with creativity and resourcefulness:

  • Command up to five Desperados with their own lethal skill sets.
  • Discover numerous solutions and paths for each scenario.
  • Confront and resolve challenging enemy setups through smart planning.
  • Choose between lethal and non-lethal options to defeat your foes.

Diverse Environments & Challenges

Experience the authentic vibe of the Wild West, including iconic settings that offer both beauty and danger.

  • Explore a variety of classic scenes from frontier towns to modern cities.
  • Tackle missions across desert canyons, Mississippi swamps, and more.
  • Adapt to different times of day and night that affect the gameplay.

Adjustable Difficulty & Replay Value

Personalize your gaming experience according to your style:

  • Adjust the game with various difficulty settings to match your playstyle.
  • Engage in special replayability challenges for additional fun.

Witness how a band of Desperados outsmarts and outmaneuvers their enemies in a world where every shot counts, and every strategy could be your last. Desperados 3 for PS4 is an adventure that will test your resolve and cunning in the untamed lands of the Wild West.

Specification: Desperados 3 – PS4 (PS4)

Release date

March 31, 2019

Product Dimensions

0.55 x 5.31 x 6.77 inches; 2.82 ounces

Type of item

Video Game





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Item Weight

2.82 ounces



Date First Available

September 9, 2018


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Desperados 3 – PS4 (PS4)
Desperados 3 – PS4 (PS4)

Original price was: $23.95.Current price is: $16.96.
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