Dead Island 2: HELL-A Edition – PlayStation 5

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• Explore iconic Los Angeles locations with horror twist
• Intense, gory first-person combat with various weapons
• Six unique characters with customizable skills
• Realistic, diverse zombie enemies with unique mutations
• HELL-A Edition extras: Steelbook, Season Pass, Venice Beach map, Tarot Cards, Pin Badges, Patch, Weapon Pack, DLCs, Memories of Banoi Pack


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Los Angeles is overrun with zombies! The bustling city is now under quarantine, with its residents succumbing to a gruesome virus. As a bitten survivor, you don’t just resist the infection, you harness it. Together with a group of immune survivors, your mission is to dive into the epicenter of the outbreak, unravel its origins, and fight to save humanity. It’s another ordinary day in sunny LA, now turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

“Dead Island 2” promises a unique blend of horror and dark humor, mixed with bloody, over-the-top action. This First-Person Action RPG delivers a fresh narrative and exhilarating gameplay across an iconic cityscape—you’re in for a vibrant and terrifying journey through a zombified Los Angeles!

Experience Iconic LA Locations Like Never Before

  • Travel from the lush streets of Beverly Hills to the quirky storefronts of Venice Beach.
  • Witness LA’s famous landmarks bathed in horror and chaos.

Brutal Combat and Customization

Prepare for gruesome battles in this intensely visceral first-person experience. Combat is tactile and savage, providing a variety of tactical and brutal options to decimate your undead enemies in exhilarating detail.

  • Choose from 6 distinct characters, each with their own personality and dialogue.
  • Fully customize your Slayer’s abilities with a new, flexible skill system.
  • Instantly re-spec to experiment with wildly imaginative builds and strategies.

A New Breed of Zombies

Dead Island 2’s Los Angeles is infested with terrifyingly realistic zombies. These reanimated horrors are at the corrupt heart of the game, featuring dozens of unique types, mutations, and a horde of LA-inspired undead.

HELL-A Edition – Packed with Extras

The HELL-A Edition of Dead Island 2 is not just a game—it’s a collector’s treasure trove:

  • Steelbook casing for true collectors.
  • Season Pass for all impending expansions.
  • A travel map to guide you through Venice Beach.
  • 6 Slayer Tarot Cards for fans of the arcane.
  • A set of 2 bespoke pin badges and a stylish patch.
  • A bonus weapon pack for an edge against the horde.
  • 2 additional DLC packs to expand your apocalypse.
  • The Memories of Banoi Pack to relive the nightmare where it all began.

Prepared for your next survive-‘n’-slay vacation?

Dead Island 2: Where survival meets California dreamin’ – with a nightmarish twist. Let’s embark on this gore-filled adventure and carve your path through a decaying Los Angeles. See you in HELL-A!

Specification: Dead Island 2: HELL-A Edition – PlayStation 5


Brand: Deep Silver

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Dead Island 2: HELL-A Edition – PlayStation 5
Dead Island 2: HELL-A Edition – PlayStation 5

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