Curse of the Dead Gods – PlayStation 4

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• Skill-based roguelike adventure on PS4
• Navigate a dark, endless temple filled with traps and monsters
• Arsenal of weapons: swords, spears, bows, guns
• Collect mystical relics to enhance abilities
• Unique curses impact gameplay with each action
• Fight against formidable champions and bosses
• Corruption mechanic: curses can be beneficial or detrimental


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Deep within the darkness, the temple awaits. An unending expanse of treachery and deceit, it promises something irresistible for those daring enough to venture within its cursed walls. Riches, power, and divine abilities—the temple offers them all. But with such promise comes great peril.

As the audacious explorer consumed by avarice, you will find that death is not an escape here. Rather, it is a mere inconvenience. Each fall only sharpens your resolve to conquer the temple’s malevolent challenges. The cycle of death and rebirth is relentless, propelling you forward into the abyss once more. Prepare to rise and fight against the vile gods who await.

Temple of Terror

  • Confront an ever-shifting maze adorned with bottomless pits and cunning traps.
  • Engage in visceral combat against a horde of foes lying in wait amidst the shadowy passages.
  • Outsmart deceptions and avoid dangers from every corner, including fire-breathing statues and explosive hazards.

Armaments and Relics

  • Amass a wealth of weapons including swords, spears, bows, guns, and many more.
  • Harness the power of mystical relics to forge an unstoppable warrior.
  • Face the trials of fierce champions and formidable bosses prepared to end your quest.

The Price of Power

With each stride into the unknown, the corruption within grows. A decision looms: should you embrace its dark influence or strive to resist? Beware—such power is seductive and destructive. Each curse you bear is a test, one that can empower or debilitate.

Delve into ‘Curse of the Dead Gods’, the skill-intensive roguelike that weaves a compelling narrative of risk and reward. Each plunge into the abyss is a chance to write a new legend—if you can survive the temple’s wicked trials.

Are you ready to challenge the cursed deities and uncover the temple’s hidden secrets? Embrace your destiny in ‘Curse of the Dead Gods’ for PlayStation 4.

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Specification: Curse of the Dead Gods – PlayStation 4

Release date

September 29, 2023

Package Dimensions

6.69 x 5.35 x 0.59 inches; 2.79 ounces

Type of item

Video Game



Item Weight

2.78 ounces


Limited Run Games

Country of Origin


Date First Available

June 21, 2023


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Curse of the Dead Gods – PlayStation 4
Curse of the Dead Gods – PlayStation 4

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