Cruis’n Blast (Nintendo Switch)

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• 4-player local network or split-screen multiplayer
• 23 unique vehicles, including classic roadsters, hypercars, and off-roaders
• Arcade hit with all tracks, cars, and power-ups available from the start
• Tour mode with 29 tracks across 6 themed cups
• Dynamic weather conditions impacting races
• Collect keys to unlock new cars, modes, and tracks
• Experience police chases and alien invasions during races


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The time-honored racing series is back with a bang as Cruis’n makes its triumphant return to the comfort of your living room with Cruis’n Blast! First launched into the arcade scene in 1994 with the iconic Cruis’n USA, followed by Cruis’n World and Cruis’n Exotica, the franchise swiftly became a landmark in the racing genre. Though it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new title for home consoles, Cruis’n Blast, the hit from the 2017 arcade scene, is now revving its engines on the Nintendo Switch.

Key Features & Gameplay

With Cruis’n Blast, players are in for a high-octane experience:

  • Race Your Heart Out: Choose from 24 dynamic cars and compete across 29 exhilarating tracks within 6 action-packed cups.
  • Multiplayer Madness: Battle for the top spot in challenging weather conditions, extraterrestrial disruptions, and intense police pursuits, or race alongside up to three friends.

Multiplayer Fun

  • Engage in 4-Player local network or split-screen multiplayer action.
  • Choose your ride from 23 distinct vehicles, ranging from vintage roadsters and hypercars to tough off-roaders and untamed beasts.

Arcade Excellence at Home

  • Immerse yourself in all the tracks, cars, power-ups, and excitement from the popular arcade version, with everything available right from the start.
  • Travel the globe in Tour mode, featuring 29 tracks across 6 cups with diverse themes like mountain rallies, city sprints, cop-filled chases, and even alien invasions.
  • Look out for collectible keys hidden on each track to unlock additional cars, modes, and tracks. Be prepared to adapt as varying weather conditions influence each race.

Cruis’n Blast brings the arcade racing spectacle directly into your home, offering nostalgic fun infused with modern gameplay for an unforgettable experience. Buckle up for this wild ride on your Nintendo Switch!

Specification: Cruis’n Blast (Nintendo Switch)


Brand: Maximum Games

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Cruis’n Blast (Nintendo Switch)
Cruis’n Blast (Nintendo Switch)

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