Crime Boss: Rockay City – PlayStation 5

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• Crime Boss: Rockay City is an organized crime game set in a fictional Florida city in the 1990s.
• Playable solo or with friends, it combines first-person shooter action and turf wars.
• Follow the story of Travis Baker and his crew as they attempt to take over the criminal underworld.
• Carry out missions to earn cash, build your crew, unlock vehicles and upgrades.
• Engage in thrilling heists and battles with rival gangs to claim their turf.


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Welcome to the Vibrant 90s Era of Rockay City

Lose yourself in the nostalgia of the 90s with Crime Boss: Rockay City, where the city’s aesthetic is complemented by an array of iconic characters. Lead by the formidable Travis Baker, portrayed by Michael Madsen, your crew comprises adept planners and handlers including names like Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, and Damion Poitier. Face off against rival gang bosses played by the likes of Danny Trejo and Vanilla Ice, all under the watchful eye of the lawful Sheriff Norris, brought to life by Chuck Norris.

Thrilling Co-Operative Play and Strategy

  • Engage in PVE Co-op Multiplayer: Team up with up to four players to plan and execute high-stakes heists. Success brings riches, failure leaves you with nothing.
  • Become a Mastermind: As Baker, strategically conquer territories from other gangs using a blend of shrewd tactics and raw firepower.
  • Facing Adversaries: Overcome challenges from rival leaders Dollar Dragon, Hielo, Cagnali, and Khan, and evade the relentless pursuit of Sheriff Norris.

The Narrative of Survival and Success

Step into the lives of genuine, troubled individuals. Delve into the backgrounds of your crew members like Ropes, Jupiter, and Runaway. Unearth how they found themselves in the criminal quagmire of Rockay City. With multiple missions and varying levels of difficulty, each storyline enriches your understanding of this criminal syndicate’s life and helps you choose your allies for future escapades.

Highlights of Crime Boss: Rockay City

  • Experience: A unique blend of first-person shooter and strategy set in the criminal underworld.
  • Play Your Way: The game offers both solo and multiplayer experiences.
  • Rich Storytelling: A deeply engaging storyline set in a fictional, nostalgic rendition of a 1990s Florida city.
  • Build Your Empire: Execute daring missions, amass wealth, recruit crew members, and secure a fleet of vehicles and upgrades.
  • Compete for Control: Wage a turf war against rival gangs to dominate the city.

Embrace the challenge and ascend to criminal infamy in Rockay City, a realm where each decision holds the potential for profit or peril. Crime Boss: Rockay City awaits you with its intricate story, thrilling action, and opportunity for glory on the PlayStation 5.

Specification: Crime Boss: Rockay City – PlayStation 5

Release date

September 5, 2023

Product Dimensions

0.79 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches; 2.82 ounces

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2.82 ounces


505 Games

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February 6, 2023


Brand: 505 Games

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Crime Boss: Rockay City – PlayStation 5
Crime Boss: Rockay City – PlayStation 5

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