Crash Drive 3 (PS5)

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• Cross-platform multiplayer game with free-roaming gameplay
• Drive monster trucks, tanks, and other amazing vehicles
• Explore a huge open world with secret areas and collectibles
• Level up, play events, and earn cash to unlock new cars
• Exciting competitive events to participate in
• Customize your vehicles with funky antennas and boosts
• Tank battles mode for intense battles and domination
• Play with friends on any platform with cross-platform support


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The Ultimate Stunting Playground

Are you ready for the car stunting playground that is Crash Drive 3? This cross-platform multiplayer game lets you experience the thrill of ridiculous fun, giving you the freedom to drive an array of astounding vehicles like monster trucks and tanks across a massive open world.

Competitive Multiplayer Events

Join in on the madness with 10 exhilarating game events:

  • Play with a gigantic beach ball
  • Catch robbers in a high-speed chase
  • Engage in a royal rumble for the king’s crown

Beat the competition, earn precious cash, and invest in new cars or eye-catching customisations.

Crazy Car Leveling System

Maximise your car’s potential with a unique leveling system:

  • Boost your nitro capacity with nitro boosts
  • Increase top speed by driving fast
  • Collect over 50 vehicles and tailor them to your style
  • Reach maximum player level, prestige and show you’re the Crash Drive 3 boss

Don’t forget to flaunt your success with a solid golden car to set you apart from the crowd!

Open World Exploration

Embrace boundless freedom and explore a diverse open world:

  • Shoot off to the moon in a rocket
  • Invade the king’s castle in the mystical forest
  • Take a western adventure in canyons
  • Drift through the arctic snow or relax on a tropical ferry trip

Each area is jam-packed with secret areas and collectibles for you to discover.

Tank Battles

Engage in high-octane tank battles, where victory lets you upgrade to new tanks, each offering a distinctive play style. Dominate the battle arenas and score points to become the arena champion.

Play with Friends Across Platforms

Connect with friends, irrespective of their gaming platform, with seamless cross-platform multiplayer support. Prefer to go solo? Simply switch to the single-player experience anytime you want!

Get your hands on Crash Drive 3 now and reignite the thrill of a limitless stunting world!

Specification: Crash Drive 3 (PS5)


Brand: Funbox Media

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