Cotton Reboot! – Nintendo Switch

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Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $28.99.

• Frantic “cute ’em up” shooter gameplay
• Iconic Japanese gaming mascot, Cotton, returns in HD
• Two modes: HD Reboot and Retro X68000 for pixel authenticity
• Easy to learn, challenging to master mechanics
• Seven colorful, imaginative stages
• Dynamic firepower and enemy confrontations
• Online leaderboards for competitive play
• Choice of remixed or original soundtracks

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $28.99.

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Experience a Remastered Classic

Japan’s beloved shooter mascot, Cotton, has finally made her high-definition comeback with Cotton Reboot! Experience a heartwarming journey filled with intense shooter action, captivating graphics, and a remixed soundtrack. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to the series, this game is sure to capture your imagination with its enchanting world and challenging gameplay.

Enter the World of Cotton

Follow the story of a young witch named Nata de Cotton, who, despite being hot-headed and immature, has a singular obsession: candies known as “willows.” Accompany her and her trusty fairy sidekick, Silk, on an adventurous quest to satisfy her insatiable sweet tooth. This magical adventure takes you through seven vibrantly colored stages, each filled with unique enemies and challenging obstacles.

Game Features

  • Shooter Game Action: Play a game that’s easy to pick up but provides a hearty challenge for veterans – truly easy to play, but difficult to master.
  • Two Modes: Enjoy the game in all its glory with a brand-new HD reboot mode or dive into nostalgia with the fantastic retro X68000 mode for pixel-perfect authenticity.
  • Online Competition: Battle it out for high scores against a global leaderboard of players.
  • Soundtrack: Get immersed with an awesome soundtrack available in both a fully arranged version and its original home computer form.

Visuals and Gameplay

As you venture through this whimsical world, you’ll traverse environments ranging from a graveyard adorned with wormed eyeballs to forests blending human-like trees complete with eyes and mouths. Face an endless onslaught of enemies each equipped with their own power, requiring you not only to shoot accurately but maneuver skillfully. Customize your gameplay with different weapons and power-ups, ensuring a unique experience that evolves with your strategy.

Charge into the Bullet Heaven

Prepare yourself for an adventure where explosive firepower and enchanting graphics meet. Cotton’s captivating tale awaits – will you be there to see her through to her confectionary conquest?

Specification: Cotton Reboot! – Nintendo Switch

Release date

July 20, 2021

Package Dimensions

6.69 x 4.09 x 0.47 inches; 1.76 ounces

Type of item

Video Game



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Item Weight

1.76 ounces



Date First Available

May 5, 2021


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Cotton Reboot! – Nintendo Switch
Cotton Reboot! – Nintendo Switch

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $28.99.
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