Colossus Down PS4 (PS4)

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• Team up with Nika and her MECHA, Mechanika, to eliminate all that’s uncool
• 2-player co-op with Agatha and the Great Bleeding Pig
• Manage resources and execute strategic combos in combat
• Utilize an arsenal of special attacks like Dumbshredder and Scarlet Vomit
• Blend of beat’em up, shoot’em up, platforming, and puzzle gameplay
• Traverse 18 unique levels from Neon District to Candyland
• Discover geek-culture references in a distinctive art style
• Enjoy an original, varied soundtrack
• Decide your path with four alternative endings
• Challenge yourself with infinite or one-life permadeath modes


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Nika has just completed the first phase of her ambitious plan: the creation of a battle-ready MECHA named Mechanika. There’s no time to waste as you join her in a quest to purge the planet of everything she deems uncool. This mission will see you obliterating history books, disposable culture, kitschy clothing, monotonous video game sagas, and even pea soup.

Be mindful that as your rampage unfolds, you’ll discover Nika isn’t the sole visionary with a transformational plan, and not all is as straightforward as it initially appears. You’ll face difficult, irrevocable decisions to advance your goals—or be forced to abandon them.

Key Game Features:

  • Team up with Nika, take control of Mechanika, and undertake a crusade against all things mundane.
  • Co-operative play: Transform your quest into a two-player venture with Agatha and the Great Bleeding Pig.
  • Master your resources in battle and chain limitless strategies and combos to inflict ever-growing damage upon your foes.
  • Access to an arsenal of special attacks, including the Dumbshredder, Chopping Tornado, Groundcracker, and Scarlet Vomit, among others.
  • Face an array of challenges blending beat’em up, shoot’em up, platforming, and puzzle elements.
  • Explore 18 distinctly surreal levels from Neon District to Candyland and beyond.
  • Seek out the countless geek-culture references, showcased in a distinctive artistic style.
  • Immerse yourself in an original, varied, and captivating soundtrack.
  • Make impactful decisions and discover one of the four alternative endings in this epic, nonlinear adventure.
  • Rise to the ultimate challenge with either infinite lives or just one life in the unforgiving permadeath mode.


Specification: Colossus Down PS4 (PS4)


Brand: Avance Discos

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Colossus Down PS4 (PS4)

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