Coffee Talk 1 + 2 (Double Pack)

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Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $39.49.

• Coffee Talk 1 2 (Double Pack) by Numskull Games
• Mix a combination of ingredients like tea, ginger, mint, chocolate, and coffee
• Experiment and uncover secret recipes to change people’s lives with heartwarming drinks
• Draw your own latte-art masterpiece with in-game fluid simulation
• Immerse yourself in a relaxing coffee shop atmosphere with lo-fi chillhop beats
• Set in an alternate present-day Seattle with diverse races coexisting
• Meet quirky characters like Baileys the elf graphic designer and Lua the succubus biz dev executive
• Listen to their stories and influence them with warm drinks
• Available for Nintendo gaming platform

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $39.49.

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Immerse Yourself in Unique Stories

Coffee Talk Episode 1 and 2 offer an intriguing blend of gameplay and narrative, where you play the role of a barista listening to people’s problems and comforting them with a perfectly crafted warm beverage. These games are set in a world that is very much like our own, yet filled with a diverse range of characters that go beyond humanity.

  • Engaging Episodes: Dive into the lives of inhabitants in an alternative Seattle, where each character has a captivating story to tell.
  • Dramatic Encounters: From a love story between an elf and a succubus to an alien’s quest to comprehend human life, the narrative resonates with real-world issues.

Create and Experiment

As a skilled barista, you will:

  • – Mix a variety of ingredients, including tea, ginger, mint, chocolate, and coffee, to craft unique beverages.
  • – Discover secret recipes that have the power to change the mood and perspective of your customers.
  • – Use your creative flair to draw latte art, delighting patrons with your aesthetic and technical prowess.

Soothing Coffee Shop Vibes

Embrace the cozy atmosphere of a coffee shop that provides refuge from the rainy Seattle backdrop. Here’s what sets the scene:

  • – The warm embrace of freshly brewed drinks, the heart of the coffee shop experience.
  • – An ambient soundtrack featuring lo-fi chillhop beats to soothe the soul and enhance the mood.

Explore a Diverse World

The game takes place in an alternate present-day Seattle, a melting pot of cultures and species, where you’ll discover:

  • – A vibrant tapestry of races and backgrounds living in harmony, including humans, orcs, elves, and many more.
  • – Engrossing stories that unfold through interactions with diverse customers, each with their own unique background.

Meet Memorable Characters

Prepare to get acquainted with a cast of characters who will capture your heart:

  • – Baileys, the freelance graphic designer elf with a creative flair.
  • – Lua, the savvy succubus business development executive.
  • – Riona, the up-and-coming opera singer with dreams as big as her voice.

Their lives and narratives unfold through the conversations you have and the drinks you serve, touching on their aspirations and challenges. As the story progresses, your choices and the warmth of your drinks will have an influence on their journeys.

Specification: Coffee Talk 1 + 2 (Double Pack)


Brand: Numskull Games

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Coffee Talk 1 + 2 (Double Pack)
Coffee Talk 1 + 2 (Double Pack)

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $39.49.
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