Code Vein – PlayStation 4

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Original price was: $23.99.Current price is: $12.97.

• Post-apocalyptic action RPG set in a ravaged world
• Create a custom character and partner with AI
• Fight for survival as a Revenant in the Vein society
• Gain powerful Gifts in exchange for memories and blood
• Coordinate attacks with partners using Blood Veil abilities
• Wide range of weapons including bayonets, axes, and spears
• Partner choice influences combat style and story
• Explore a world overrun by ghoulish Lost enemies

Original price was: $23.99.Current price is: $12.97.

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In a world ravaged by disaster, skyscrapers stand as hollowed remnants of a fallen humanity. The Thorns of Judgment pierce through these symbols of a bygone era, marking the dawn of a new age. Amidst the chaos, the hidden society of Revenants known as Vein emerges as the beacon of hope. In this dire sanctuary, survivors wage a desperate struggle for existence, empowered by Gifts in exchange for cherished memories and an insatiable need for blood.

Unleash Your Potential in the Face of Desolation

As you tread through this desolate realm, allure of the bloodlust lingers; resist, or succumb and become the Lost, entities devoid of humanity, driven only by the primal hunger. The choice is yours, but the repercussions are immense. Stand firm with your allies as you confront the nightmarish journey that awaits in CODE VEIN.

Survival Through Unity

  • Create Your Avatar: Fashion your character in your own image and forge a path through the darkness.
  • Select Your Comrade: Choose a partner to assist you, each with unique combat styles and storied pasts, influencing your journey.
  • Master Team Tactics: Utilize combined strength to carefully plan your assaults, with partner support to shield against onslaughts and potent enemies.

Combat Evolved

  • Versatile Arsenals: Wield an array of weaponry including bayonets, axes, and spears to cater to your preferred combat approach.
  • Strategic Combat: Skillfully synchronize your attacks with your partner, taking advantage of Blood Veil enhancements to fell formidable foes.

Personalize Your Playstyle

Make strategic choices, from weapon selection to partner selection, each decision shaping the battle’s tide and the game’s narrative. Experience a reshaping world that twists with every partner’s story, creating a unique adventure that demands your survival prowess and tactical genius.

Stand against the abyss, forge bonds in the blood-soaked corridors of Vein, and rise to face the calamitous evil that lies in wait.

Specification: Code Vein – PlayStation 4


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Code Vein – PlayStation 4
Code Vein – PlayStation 4

Original price was: $23.99.Current price is: $12.97.
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