Close Combat: First to Fight – Xbox (Renewed)

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• Close Combat: First to Fight – Xbox (Renewed) is a tactical shooter game for Xbox.
• Provides covering fire and assistance to teammates in urban combat.
• Call in the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) for air and ground support.
• Follow rules of engagement for a realistic Marine experience.
• Manage the psychology of teammates to maintain confidence.
• Two modes of play: Normal Mode for casual action, Simulation Mode for added challenge.
• Suitable for teens.


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Experience Intense Marine Combat

Team Strategy and Realism:
Dive into the role of a Marine on the frontline, where the realism of combat is brought to life. Your mission will require utmost coordination and strategic sophistication as you provide covering fire for your comrades, assist squad members who are pinned down, and strategize to navigate through the unpredictable nature of urban warfare.

Call in the Calvary

The Power of the Marine Air Ground Task Force:
You are not alone on the battlefield. Utilize the robust support system the Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) provides – call in deadly Cobra helicopters to dominate the sky and request the formidable M1 Abrams tanks to reinforce your position on the ground.

Rules of Engagement

The Ultimate Challenge:
Abiding by the rules of engagement, one of the most significant challenges for any Marine, is crucial for the success of your missions. The ability to discern when to hold fire and when to engage is what separates the best from the rest.

Mental Toughness

Psychological Warfare:
Managing the morale and psychology of your teammates is a task that requires attention and skill. You must keep their confidence high while issuing orders that are sound and morally unquestionable to maintain team cohesion and effectiveness.

Gameplay Modes

Choose Your Combat Experience:
Close Combat: First to Fight offers two diverse modes of play:

  • Normal Mode: Engage in a more relaxed shooting experience typical of traditional shooters.
  • Simulation Mode: Face the heightened challenge of more accurate enemies and teammates that are more susceptible to damage. This mode demands a more tactical and careful approach.

Specification: Close Combat: First to Fight – Xbox (Renewed)

Product Dimensions

7.5 x 5.5 x 0.75 inches; 2.82 ounces



Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item Weight

2.82 ounces



Date First Available

July 26, 2019


Brand: 2K GAMES

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Close Combat: First to Fight – Xbox (Renewed)
Close Combat: First to Fight – Xbox (Renewed)

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