Chorus – PlayStation 5

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• Embark on a personal quest with Nara and her sentient starfighter, Forsaken, to overthrow a galactic cult.
• Experience an evolved space-combat shooter with a deep narrative and intense zero-g dogfights.
• Unlock and master a variety of devastating weapons and mind-bending abilities.
• Explore a dark, mysterious universe filled with ancient temples and expansive space stations.
• Engage in high-stakes combat against massive enemy fleets and otherworldly entities.
• Chain together Nara’s powers to become the ultimate living weapon in the battle for freedom.


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Embark on a Galactic Quest with Chorus on PlayStation 5

A Journey of Redemption

Step into the role of Nara, an ace pilot and the Circle’s former deadliest warrior, now turned fugitive. Nara’s mission is clear—destroy the dark cult that created her. With Forsaken, her sapient starfighter, join a resistance determined to thwart the Circle and its enigmatic leader, the Great Prophet, at every turn. This is not just a fight for the galaxy’s future but also a quest for personal salvation.

Uncloak a Mysterious Universe

Discover the enigmas of a shadowy cosmos teeming with secrets and perils. Chorus brings you face-to-face with expansive space structures, scintillating ice fields, and other-worldly realms beyond human comprehension. The balance between the greatness of space exploration and the intensity of quick-paced aerial action creates a uniquely immersive experience.

One Pilot, One Ship, One Living Weapon

As Nara and Forsaken, transform yourself into the ultimate living weapon. Refine your arsenal with powerful weaponry and combat upgrades. Utilize the ship’s signature drift mechanics, along with remarkable abilities like extra-sensory perception, teleportation, and telekinesis, to dismantle vast fleets of foes and colossal warships. Link your powers to manifest an unmatched combative prowess.

Main Features:

  • Become immersed in a compelling narrative that interlaces personal stakes with galactic warfare.
  • Unlock and master a variety of devastating weapons and abilities for space combat.
  • Embark upon a vast adventure that pushes the boundaries of the genre, offering both scale and speed.
  • Zero-g dogfights: Outmaneuver and outgun legions of enemies in electrifying space battles.
  • Discover the galaxy and beyond, challenging yourself to defeat formidable enemies and unearth hidden truths.

Are You Ready to Soar Beyond the Stars?

With Chorus for PlayStation 5, space combat evolves. Lead the charge against oppression, wing-by-wing, battle-by-battle, and lay claim to your place among the stars. Are you prepared to harness the power of one pilot, one ship, one indomitable force? Don the mantle of the avenger and rewrite the fate of the galaxy.

Specification: Chorus – PlayStation 5


Brand: Deep Silver

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Chorus – PlayStation 5

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