Chocobo GP (Nintendo Switch)

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Original price was: $26.00.Current price is: $22.49.

• Engage in high-speed races with “Chocobo GP” on Nintendo Switch
• Choose from a variety of Chocobo characters, each with unique abilities
• Explore character variants for a diverse racing experience
• Master drifting on challenging courses
• Use strategic Magicites to outmaneuver opponents
• Compete in online multiplayer races with global players
• Enjoy offline split-screen multiplayer with friends and family
• Dominate tournaments and climb the leaderboards
• Experience a whimsical racing adventure with a blend of excitement and strategy

Original price was: $26.00.Current price is: $22.49.

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Get ready to embark on the thrilling race tracks with Chocobo GP. Brace yourself for an exhilarating new racing experience, tailored for both die-hard fans and new racers alike.

Engage with Dozens of Iconic Characters

Featuring a vibrant roster, Chocobo GP brings you all of your favourite Chocobo characters. Each racer comes endowed with:

  • Unique abilities: Customize your gameplay with characters that boast their own individual skills.
  • Character variants: Discover different versions of characters for a diverse racing experience.

Thrilling Race Courses and Magicites

Dive into the action across numerous courses, some of which might strike a nostalgic chord:

  • Drift and Dash: Master the art of drifting and speed through tracks laden with challenges.
  • Strategic Magicites: Equip Magicites to your advantage and outmaneuver your competitors.

Multifaceted Multiplayer Modes

Chocobo GP is designed to test your racing mettle in both single and multiplayer formats:

  • Online Multiplayer: Race against friends or foes from around the globe in real-time competition.
  • Offline Multiplayer: Enjoy the traditional split-screen fun with friends and family right in your living room.

Dominate the Tournaments

Challenge yourself within the tournament arena and strive to become the ultimate champion of GP. Track your progress and claim the top spot on the leaderboard.

Whether you’re a seasoned Chocobo racer or a newcomer eager to hit the tracks, Chocobo GP for the Nintendo Switch offers a unique blend of excitement and strategy wrapped up in a whimsical racing package. Ready yourself for non-stop action and claim your place on the podium!

Embrace the race and join the grand tournament in Chocobo GP now!

Specification: Chocobo GP (Nintendo Switch)


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Chocobo GP (Nintendo Switch)
Chocobo GP (Nintendo Switch)

Original price was: $26.00.Current price is: $22.49.
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