Chivalry 2 Day One Edition (PS4)

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• Cross-platform play: Join epic battles with players on any platform.
• Massive scale warfare: Experience the intensity of large-scale medieval combat.
• Cinematic presentation: Immerse yourself in battles with stunning visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4.
• Diverse combat system: Master real-time strikes and combos for exhilarating melee action.
• Expansive environments: Fight across sprawling medieval landscapes and besieged castles.
• Subclass system: Choose from various subclasses and an extensive arsenal for personalized combat styles.
• Siege warfare: Utilize catapults, oil pots, and other siege equipment to dominate the battlefield.
• Day One Edition: Get started on release day with this special edition for PS4.


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Product Description

Enter the Ultimate Medieval Battlefield: Chivalry 2 invites players into a multiplayer, first-person slasher that’s inspired by epic medieval battle scenes from movies. Engage with every iconic aspect of the era, from intense sword-to-sword combat, barrage of flaming arrows, to massive castle sieges.

Key Features:

  • Epic-Scale Warfare: Command the frontlines in colossal battlefields, tearing the earth asunder with catapults, setting villages ablaze, and pitting teams against each other in strategic maps.
  • Revolutionized Melee Combat System: The combat mechanism has been refreshed to enhance real-time strikes and combo flows, allowing for a fluid combat experience resembling a whirling blade storm.
  • Multipurpose Battle Design: Designed for combating several foes simultaneously, Chivalry 2 combines the intensity of FPS with the strategy of fighting games for an unparalleled melee combat experience.

Cross-Platform Play:

Unite with Comrades Across Consoles: The barriers between PC and console gamers are dismantled as Chivalry 2 features cross play across all platforms, rallying warriors on the battlefield together, irregardless of their gaming system.

Stunning Visuals:

Cinematic Experiences: Dive into the fray with remarkable visual improvements that create an immersive atmosphere, reminiscent of the grand medieval Hollywood action flicks, powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Creative Combat:

  • Utilize a friend to defeat an enemy.
  • Innovate your combat style, even using improvised tools like pitchforks or tomatoes.

Vivid Medieval Settings:

Exquisite Arenas: From tournament grounds to full-scale castle sieges, Chivalry 2 offers detailed and expansive medieval environments to explore and battle across.

Massive Scale:

Large-Scale Battles: Designed to evoke the intensity of the massive “Battle of the Bastards” from Game of Thrones, Chivalry 2 captures the wild frenzy of enormous medieval conflicts.

Custom Combat Styles:

  • Expansive Arsenal: Find your niche with the new subclass system that enhances the variety of combat beyond the four base classes, sporting a vast array of weapons and support items like oil pots, barricades, and archer supply crates.
  • Siege Warfare: Dominate battlefields with powerful siege engines and orchestrated assaults.

Package Contents:

  • DVD ROM.

Specification: Chivalry 2 Day One Edition (PS4)

Release date

June 8, 2021

Type of item

Video Game


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Item Weight

0.003 ounces


Deep Silver

Date First Available

August 11, 2020


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Chivalry 2 Day One Edition (PS4)
Chivalry 2 Day One Edition (PS4)

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