Car Mechanic Simulator (PS4) (PS4)

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• Endless gameplay with a variety of missions
• Photorealistic graphics for an immersive experience
• 48 diverse cars, including licensed Jeep and Mazda models
• Over 10 tools for in-depth car repairs and customization
• Advanced Upgrade System to enhance your garage’s capabilities
• Multilevel car parking for vehicle storage
• Path Test to assess car suspension, Test Track for condition checks, and Race Track for performance testing
• Car auctions for buying and selling, plus a paint shop for customization
• Barn Finds and Junkyard to discover and refurbish classic cars
• Randomly generated tasks for continuous engagement


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Product Description

Embark on a mechanic’s dream journey with Car Mechanic Simulator, the ultimate game for auto enthusiasts. This immersive experience allows you to:

  • Find, repair, paint, tune, and test drive a variety of vehicles
  • Build and expand your car renovation empire
  • Face unique missions with their own criteria, challenges, and time constraints
  • Work with a vast array of tools (10+) and parts (1000+)

Car Mechanic Simulator is not just about getting your hands dirty. It’s a game that boasts:

  • State-of-the-art, photorealistic graphics
  • An intimately detailed car mechanic experience
  • Opportunity for player progression and garage upgrades

Uncover hidden gems—whether it’s a car in a junkyard or a forgotten classic in a barn. Restore them to their former glory and potentially profit from your work. The game’s immersive nature is deepened with features like:

  • Car auctions where you can buy or sell
  • Collection of vehicles including 48 different cars to work on
  • Possibility to upgrade to a lacquer sprayer or parts warehouse for your workshop
  • A multi-level car park for all your automotive treasures

An endless number of randomly generated missions ensures that you’ll be engrossed in the world of auto-repair indefinitely.

Game Features

  • **Endless gameplay** options with photorealistic graphics
  • Access to **48 cars**, including licensed models from Jeep and Mazda
  • A suite of **10+ tools** to aid in your car restoration endeavors
  • **Multilevel car parking** to manage and store your collection of vehicles
  • An **Advanced Upgrade System** to enhance your skills and workshop capabilities
  • Various testing tracks, such as **Path Test for car suspension**, **Test Track** to check car conditions, and a **Race Track** to assess car performance
  • Additional features including a **paint shop**, **Barn Finds**, and a **Junkyard** module for scavenging parts and vehicles

Set Contains:

  • 1 x Game Disc

Specification: Car Mechanic Simulator (PS4) (PS4)

Release date

June 25, 2019

Product Dimensions

0.67 x 0.04 x 0.55 inches; 1.76 ounces

Type of item

Video Game





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Item Weight

1.76 ounces


Koch Distribution

Date First Available

June 21, 2019


Brand: Ravenscourt

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Car Mechanic Simulator (PS4) (PS4)
Car Mechanic Simulator (PS4) (PS4)

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