Bloodborne (PS4)

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• Explore a horror-filled gothic city with deranged mobs and nightmarish creatures
• Engage in strategic action combat with a unique arsenal of weapons
• Experience a new generation of action RPG with detailed environments and atmospheric lighting
• Advanced online features enhance gameplay on the PlayStation 4 system
• Conquer ever-changing Chalice Dungeons alone or with friends for new challenges and rewards


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Welcome to the ominous and terrifying world of Bloodborne, exclusively available on the PlayStation 4 system. Brace yourself for an intense and frightening journey through a gothic city filled with unspeakable horrors and lurking madness at every turn.

Explore a Terrifying New World

  • Embark on a harrowing journey through a gothic city fraught with danger.
  • Stay vigilant, as deranged mobs and nightmarish creatures threaten your very existence.

Engage in Strategic Action Combat

  • Arm yourself with an array of unique weapons such as guns and saw cleavers.
  • Utilize your wits, strategy, and reflexes to defeat the cunning enemies that protect the city’s darkest secrets.

Experience a New Generation of Action RPG

  • Immerse yourself in stunningly detailed gothic environments enhanced by atmospheric lighting.
  • Enjoy advanced new online experiences that demonstrate the impressive capabilities of the PlayStation 4 system.

Conquer Ever-Changing Chalice Dungeons

  • Utilize Holy Chalices to access a network of vast underground ruins filled with traps and beasts.
  • Challenge yourself in these procedurally generated dungeons, which are packed with rewards to discover.
  • Explore solo or alongside friends, with the option to upload or share your dungeon conquests.

Fear the old blood and step into a world where your resolve will be tested like never before. Will you survive the nightmarish terrors that await in Bloodborne, or will you become another forgotten victim of the city’s menacing streets?

Specification: Bloodborne (PS4)


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