Blood Bowl 3: Brutal Edition (PS4)

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• Includes exclusive customization items for Black Orcs and Imperial Nobility teams
• Features an exclusive ball and cheerleader to enhance team support
• Comes with 1,000 Warpstone for player customization or purchasing the next Blood Pass
• Offers new customization options for coaches, cheerleaders, and player armor
• Updated with the official rules from the latest board game edition, including new skills and passing mechanics
• Choose from 12 unique races, with the video game debut of Black Orcs, Imperial Nobility, Old World Alliance, and Chaos Renegades


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Blood Bowl, the iconic death sport, is back with its latest video game iteration: Blood Bowl 3: Brutal Edition. Embracing the latest board game rules along with exciting new content, this game propels you into the heart of a fantasy football world that is as strategic as it is savage. Pick your team and outwit, overpower, and outplay your way to glory, leaving a trail of devastation and defeated foes behind.

The World of Blood Bowl

In the Old World, the gods decided that war should give way to a different kind of battle: the sacred sport of Blood Bowl. The pitch is no less perilous than any battlefield, with violence, mayhem, and treachery unfolding in the name of sport. Fans revel in the spectacle as teams vie for dominance in a game where anything goes and divine interference isn’t out of the question.

Your Team, Your Strategy

Command one of the 12 distinct races available in Blood Bowl 3, each outfitted with their unique strengths and playing styles. Perfect your strategy and thwart your rivals’ advances with precise positioning and gutsy play calls. Whether it’s acrobatic dodges or bone-crushing tackles, your path to the end zone will require wit and brute strength in equal measure. But beware: even the best-laid plans can be upended by the whims of chaotic players like a rampaging troll.

Brutal Edition Features

  • Exclusive customization items for Black Orcs and Imperial Nobility
  • Special ball and cheerleader designs to elevate team spirit
  • Receive 1,000 Warpstone for customising players or acquiring the next Blood Pass

Customisation and Growth

Experience the thrill of customising every aspect of your team. From their appearances, emblems, and armours to hiring enthusiastic cheerleaders and a knowledgeable coach, every choice adds to the unique flavour of your squad. As you progress, be prepared for the harsh realities of the sport—career-ending injuries are all part of the game, and sometimes a player’s next trip might be off the field in a bag.

Gameplay Enhancements

Brutal Edition is packed full of gameplay enhancements:

  • New customisation options for your coaches, cheerleaders, teams, and players’ armour
  • Updated mechanics reflecting the official rules of the latest board game edition, including new skills and an overhauled passing system
  • A milestone for the Blood Bowl video game series with the inclusion of the Black Orcs, Imperial Nobility, Old World Alliance, and the Chaos Renegades

Race to Touchdown

Blood Bowl 3: Brutal Edition is more than just a game; it’s a battle for supremacy where only the most cunning and ruthless will win. Are you ready to step onto the pitch and lead your team to the hall of fame, one touchdown at a time?

Specification: Blood Bowl 3: Brutal Edition (PS4)

Release date

February 23, 2023

Product Dimensions

6.8 x 5.3 x 0.6 inches; 2.82 ounces

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Video Game





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2.82 ounces


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December 16, 2022


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Blood Bowl 3: Brutal Edition (PS4)
Blood Bowl 3: Brutal Edition (PS4)

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